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Dungeon Dwelling

This post represents the conception of a music blog that I have wanted to create for a long time. To begin with, each day, I will post some sort of musical content I find interesting. 44 more words

Alternative Rock

Introduction to Music Technology: Fundamental Concepts, Key Definitions, and Specific Forms


The purpose of this blog post is to define the concept of music technology and to outline its various forms.

Following are three definitions: number 1 is Wikipedia’s, number 2 is my parsing and rewording of that definition, and number 3 is my abstract: 2,183 more words


Which colleges listened to the most music on Spotify this year?

How did music fit into your school year?

Did you listen to music at parties? During study sessions? To relax? While exercising? Trying to fall asleep? 400 more words



So it is going to be a very very busy week. It is only Monday and I already have the headaches I get on Thursdays. The days have been going painfully fast meaning it feels like I have limited time to do things but yet it’s bitter sweet because I may get to lay in bed soon . 304 more words

And Then There Was Music

I sang today.

Actually it’s the second time this week. Earlier this week, I met a friend visiting from out of town at what turned out to be a karaoke event. 419 more words

Chronic Thinker

Generic KTRU Radio Shift

While it’s unclear why someone saved this reel, it does provide a glimpse of the music DJs played in 1984.

Here is the DJ that probably created that playlist.

Rice University

lil band: Fatkid

Hey dirtbags, grab your flannels and fix up your middle part because we’re going for a spin around town in mom’s new station wagon!!!!

AWH YES, we are back, buggin’ in the 90’s and it’s the bomb. 303 more words