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Almost ready for the break

These days, I’m just finishing off grading the last of my papers and then I don’t have anything else that’s pressing so I can focus on my scripts. 245 more words


writing + teaching

It’s been almost a month since I finished my corporate class and I just ended my workshop session at SHIFT last Monday. I have two more sessions before my SCRIPT2 class at Benilde is done. 392 more words



I’m kinda weirded out today. I showed my class at College of St. Benilde Rashomon to discuss cinematic adaptations and found them less than enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. 479 more words


trains, trains, trains

It was a busy day today. I took five train rides today just getting from one thing to another. First it was to pick up files for a script I’m writing for a television show in Quezon City and then it was off to the College of St. 368 more words


And it's been confirmed

It looks like I’m teaching this term. I have my schedule for my class in SHIFT and my class for the College of St. Benilde. I’m going to be teaching this year! 148 more words


Benilde's Art and Culture Cluster presents 'Makbet'

Superficially, Macbeth may be about serial murders and the obsession with bloodlines. The period during which the Shakespearean play was produced was a terrifying time, resulting in a dark and tragic story that is, centrally, fixated on royal succession, murders and the obsession with bloodlines, but at its heart, a reenactment of Man’s fall from the Garden of Eden. 204 more words