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The 47 Stages of Writing a Paper

There’s no getting around the fact that sitting down to write a paper for class is as difficult as writing the essay. In college, when there is something happening constantly and your neighbors make as much noise as they humanly can at all hours of the day, you have a lot that can distract you from your academics. 1,193 more words


The Passionate Need Only Apply

When history takes place, it’s not always obvious. History doesn’t jump up and down shouting, “IT’S HAPPENING!” So on the first of April 2003, Michael “Burnie” Burns and his friends uploaded the first episode of a web series that was about to take the online world by storm. 956 more words

College Papers

The Quick-N-Easy Process for Writing College Papers

When you rush to write a paper the night before it’s due, it’s going to be a painful process. But with a structured formula making it more manageable, you’re going to have a much better experience (and, most likely, grade). 984 more words



As I entered into the University of Michigan, I felt very intimidated by my peers because I knew that English was never my favorite subject. Before coming into the Summer Bridge Program, students were assigned to write a Diagnostics Self-Placement essay exam that determined which writing/English course we would be placed into. 669 more words

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Paper: "Singkil in Subservience..."

Singkil in Subservience: Tradition and Politics in Post-1989 Mindanao Royalty”

Research Paper, 1 October 2013

Singkil, the famous dance associated with the Maranao, entered public knowledge as the Bayanihan Dance Company’s signature piece and as one of then-First Lady Imelda Marcos’s many cultural projects.

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Paper: "Seeking Pacem et Libertatem..."

“Seeking Pacem et Libertatem: Art and Anthropology in the St. Louis World Exposition of 1904″

Photo Essay, March 2014

The anthropological specimen made of Filipinos in the St.

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