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I said it

whoa cares.

(whoa does cares)

I always wanted to write a paper at Notre Dame about how the technology of 1995 was where it was at. 335 more words

Dear Headmistress McGonagall...

I’m writing you because it has been so long, too long actually, since my last letter to you. While that is entirely true, there is a second reason for this epistle which I shall adress shortly. 1,256 more words

Introductions: Who am I and What's Going On?

Shay Harris—Hi, hola, and bonjour! My name is Shaquan “Shay” Harris and I’m one of the newest additions to the Winging It crew. I’m currently a sophomore here at the good ol’ College at Brockport, studying English (the creative writing track), Psychology, and Communications. 518 more words


5 Reasons Why Your Grades Suck

It’s no secret that getting good grades on your university papers depend on your ability to meet specific objectives, even if some of that criteria eludes you while you’re pulling an all-nighter to finish that 30 page research paper you intended to start 3 weeks ago. 954 more words

College Papers

How to almost miss your final

I’m pretty sure I didn’t do college right the first time. I say this because I never remember spending this much time on Netflix. Deadlines were met with ease. 806 more words


The 47 Stages of Writing a Paper

There’s no getting around the fact that sitting down to write a paper for class is as difficult as writing the essay. In college, when there is something happening constantly and your neighbors make as much noise as they humanly can at all hours of the day, you have a lot that can distract you from your academics. 1,193 more words


The Passionate Need Only Apply

When history takes place, it’s not always obvious. History doesn’t jump up and down shouting, “IT’S HAPPENING!” So on the first of April 2003, Michael “Burnie” Burns and his friends uploaded the first episode of a web series that was about to take the online world by storm. 956 more words

College Papers