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P15: Drawing Lines in the Sand (Price Discrimination paper)

One of the first articles I posted had a conclusion that I don’t agree with, even though I wrote it. To make up for it, here’s one with ideas that I actually do stand by.  4,318 more words

College Papers

P14: End of Trimester Article Review, pt. 2

Whoa, ok, so I was just supposed to do a brief review of the article last time and it turned into an almost 2000 word essay of its own. 145 more words


Race Relations

Preface: This was written in 2015, and I notice I reference declines in ‘overt racism’ (taken from a 2011 article). I wonder if the author of the original article still feels that overt racism is on the decline? 594 more words

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Despite the occasional story about cloning in the news, people generally associate cloning with the world of science-fiction. Cloning is not some far-off possibility, however. Experiments involving and successful attempts at cloning are happening now in labs across the world. 598 more words

College Papers


In the article, America’s Immigration Policy Fiasco: Learning from Past Mistakes, Dr. Douglas Massey provides an overview of the history of Latin-American immigration policy, particularly in regards to Mexico, over the last half-century beginning with policy changes in the sixties. 681 more words

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Preparing for An Essay Exam or Final Paper

Exams are rough. No way around it. That’s their point, to make sure you understand the material you spent the semester working on. But what happens to those who have essays for finals? 697 more words


It feels like an unfinished thought

Gleitman, Gross, & Reisberg define natural selection as “the mechanism that drives biological evolution”. This mechanism is a process that takes place over generations, as organisms who were able to successfully reproduce pass on traits that helped them survive to that point. 383 more words

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