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How is this college admissions essay?

Answer by Terry Drinkwater:

I see a lot of SAT vocabulary here, a lot of flowery description of the cinema. Something's missing, though: I don't see much of you anywhere in the essay.

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How is this college admissions essay?

Answer by Parke Muth:

Strange elongated sounds, an auditory slow motion whooshing. “This is the end, my only friend.” The chopper blades blend, morph into the fan spinning above the man’s face, upside down, eyes staring, empty and scared, at us.

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Why do we still care about the ACT and SAT?

You’ve just taken the SAT.  You’re worried about your score.  What’s a mediocre score going to do to your chances, and what can you do about it? 414 more words

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3 Simple Ways to Pay for College (with 1 real-life case study)

Maeve is 19, bright, hard-working, and broke. She’s been self-supporting for the last two years (to document this, she has receipts for rent and utility payments, as well as her tax records). 823 more words

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Changes in the SAT Coming to a Test Near You

In 2014, Collegeboard announced changes to their SAT test, and now it is time to prepare for them. The revamped SAT test will be implemented on… 667 more words

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Helping Your Student Find the Right College

A Q&A with the hosts of the podcast NYCollegeChat and the new book, How to Find the Right College.

Marie G. Segares and Regina H. Paul… 1,536 more words