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Financial Aid Awards: Comparing Award Letters

Whew! You and your child successfully navigated submitting college applications, essays, a resume of achievement, and submitted the dreaded financial aid forms. All the tedious work is over and I can just send my student to school…Not so fast! 958 more words

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How To Pay For College: 6 Smart Tips

It’s no secret that college is expensive. In fact, many colleges now cost over $50,000 a year when you include tuition, room and board, and other expenses. 397 more words

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Elmont Memorial High Valedictorian Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Universities

Wow, can you imagine what it would take to gain acceptance into all eight Ivy League Universities? Elmont Memorial High School Valedictorian Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna has a good idea, and so does her predecessor, Elmont’s 2015 Salutatorian Harold Ekeh. 280 more words

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Three Things You Can Do to Better Prepare for College Expenses

In the last 10 years, students themselves have gone from paying 30% of college costs, to paying close to 50% of their own college costs.  This has resulted in driving up the outstanding student loans in the US from $350 billion to a staggering $1.2 trillion over the past 10 years.   247 more words

Financial Aid Awards: Understanding Your Award

As UFC announcer, Mike Buffer would say, “IT’S TIME!”  Soon you will be receiving the college financial aid award letters that are the culmination of all of your applications, essays, and financial aid form trials and tribulations.   410 more words

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Understanding Different Types of Colleges, Degrees Helps Find "College Fit"

There’s lots of talk “college fit” these days (the idea that students do better at schools that are best in tune with their academic, philosophical and personal needs), but sometimes a lot of questions around fit can be answered by asking a seemingly simple question: 547 more words

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Interpreting Your Financial Aid Just Got Easier

Deciphering those college financial aid offers? This is the first year it’s going to be a little simpler, thanks to new regulations for financial aid letters. 215 more words

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