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Planning College Classes, Step 4: General Education Requirements

Typically when we think of Planning College Classes we think about the classes we have to take for our major and the electives we might get to take if we’re lucky. 320 more words

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First real post! Yay!

One thing that gets me through my life is my PLANNER. Ugh, and man has it taken me years to perfect. So I am just going to share how I do it, and keep my busy as heck life in tact and on-time. 515 more words


Four Ways to Get Ready For College This Summer (and One Thing To Avoid)

Summer before senior year: The calm before the storm. For many students about to embark on the final push from high school to college, a busy year awaits. 434 more words

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Planning College Classes, Step 3: Organizing Your List of Major Courses

In my first two Planning College Classes posts for Entering College First-Years, I outlined steps to help figure out what classes you’ll need to take to graduate on time: 911 more words

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Planning CLEP Exams and College Courses

The key to planning a super efficient CLEP/college career is not doing any more work than you need to do. That’s not laziness. It’s just efficiency and saving money. 1,574 more words


Your Major = Your Income

Check out this informative graphic showing the relationship between your major and your income from Online College Plan. It shows the direct relationship between your major/career and your potential income, the highest earning majors from each field, and the lowest paying majors. 169 more words

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Other factors to consider when researching colleges

When researching colleges, some of the big things students are looking for include majors, activities, and location. Colleges try to answer these questions in their marketing materials and website, along with providing beautiful pictures of the campus and students. 995 more words