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Key College Planning Questions for Divorcing Parents

When a couple with children divorces, they need to consider how college expenses will now be planned. Will their original thinking about paying for college look different? 361 more words


Still a Few Spaces Left on Tonight's Teleconference - FREE College Admissions Resources for SENIORS

There are still a few spaces left to participate in the best resources for seniors applying to college this fall.

Register here!

And once you’re registered, I’ll send the teleconference details. 8 more words

5 tips for extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities can play a big role in college admissions. While grades and test scores are important, your extracurricular activities can be one way to set yourself apart from the other students. 462 more words

College Planning

Special Guest Writer--Jenny Wu (post grad): Lessons From a post-Grad

Do you have an approach to college? Have you thought about what your goals for college are? I didn’t. For those of you who are just starting to apply, who have just stepped on their campus of choice for the first week of classes, or who have just switched their major for the first time, remember this: you must be bold in college. 473 more words


Surviving in a Large Lecture-2

Previously I discussed how important the Instructor is to having a great experience in a large class. You also have a big responsibility in a large class. 416 more words


Surviving in a Large Lecture 1

For better or worse, many of you will likely take large classes in college. In case you’re wondering what “large” means, it’s relative—that is, it’s defined in comparison to the size of the other classes at your school. 356 more words


Special Guest Writer--Luisa Kickler (Student): First Day of Classes is Finally Here!

The moment you’ve been waiting for all summer is finally here and guess what? You are actually freaking out. Don’t panic! With a little help, your first day of college will be a success. 462 more words