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3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Preschooler for College

When is the best time to prepare your child for college?


If you are parenting young children, you have an incredible gift: time. There is still time to read. 642 more words


Money, money, money…

You’re getting #CollegeReady and evaluating all the things that are important but what about the Return on Investment (ROI), sure it sounds like a stick-in-the-mud Q but should it not be relevant? 164 more words

College Readiness is all about YOU!

Would you do this? Can you do this? Would you want to?

Getting ready for college is about knowing yourself. In the din of the #CollegeReadiness adventure sometimes it’s easy to forget that the process is mostly to help you understand yourself and match you with the institution that most allows you to be successful. 133 more words

Motivating the “student” in student-athletes

A basketball program that teaches leadership and college readiness.

Milpitas Swoosh Basketball is a club that currently has 70+ student athletes in 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th grades with 8 volunteer coaches. 274 more words

3 Ways You Can Prepare Your High School Senior for College

Is senior year too late to prepare your teen for college? The short answer is no.

But if you want your child to be ready, here are three practical ways you can assist them in the often-challenging leap to college: 477 more words


College Prep #7: 6 College Myths Debunked

Hey, guys! So today I want to debunk some college myths for all the freshman out there.

  1. You must know your major right away. Wrong. That is totally false that is the whole point of putting undecided on a college form.
  2. 466 more words