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CP Biology for 10/21/16

We started our activity on how population dynamics affect the natural selection. Student groups cut open an okra vegetable and counted the seeds.

They then calculated the amount of time it would take for okra to cover all the land on Earth if all the seeds survived in succeeding generations. 111 more words

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CP Biology for 10/19/16

Today, students worked in groups to investigate how population growth is regulated. Student took a look and analyzed three models collaboratively.If you you were absent, the the packet is available on… 39 more words

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CP Biology for 10/17/15

We started the evolution unit today. Students watched a short video clip and review the vocabulary for things such as: antibiotic, resistant, MRSA, genome.

Our goal at the end of the unit is to be able to explain how superbugs like MRSA form using the theory of natural selection. 55 more words

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Experimental Design KUD

The KUD (Know, Understand, Do) for the Experimental Design Quiz. Click Here:experimental-design-kud

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