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My Transition from Travel to College Softball

Michigan Freshman Alexis “Lou” Allan has had a bit of a roller coaster year.  She was sidelined for an injury but when she came back, was able to contribute to her team.   109 more words

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A high school coach is needed for the athletic recruiting process

In talking with parents and athletes who are going through the recruiting process, many feel that their high school coach is not doing much in the recruiting process. 714 more words

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How can parents help with college recruiting?

There’s a balance we need to find as parents during the exciting, whirlwind process of recruiting for college athletics. I look back on my daughter’s recruiting experience as a great memory. 698 more words


"When I Walked on Campus, I knew this is where I wanted to be"

Senior Paige Barth is headed to San Diego State University this fall.  The utility player who is a Utility Player and plays for Firecrackers Brashear in Southern California, talked about her recruiting experience.

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New NCAA Rules Take Effect

The NCAA confirms that new rules restricting recruiting conversations are now in effect. Their confirmation comes after the conclusion of the Division I Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. 563 more words

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Filling numbers at elite basketball & football camps

The recruiting game is changing…. and I think it is changing for the worse.  Maybe I was not a “well versed” a few years back, but I see lots of things either differently now vs. 734 more words

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Michelle Gascoigne on How Many Pitches You Need

Michelle Gascoigne joined the Northwestern Softball Pitching staff in 2015 as an assistant coach.  The question she gets a lot is “How many pitches should young players have as they enter their recruiting years?” 65 more words

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