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What They Didn't Tell Me About College

It’s Senior Year! The most exciting time of your life up to this point. You are nearing the end of a twelve year journey that you really thought would never actually end. 1,106 more words


That One Class

The class that seems pointless to even show up because you don’t learn anything anyway. Or perhaps the class that seems like you have a new assignment due every day, a test every week, a paper every other week, and reading every night.  330 more words

TheBigBlondeBrain Was Started at a Bar

Why is your blog called, TheBigBlondeBrain?

This is a question I get asked very, very frequently. It can be assumed that I titled my blog based on the obvious: I have big blonde hair. 1,053 more words


Why do I want to be a teacher?

As a college student, I am constantly asked what I am studying or what I want to do with my life. The answer never changes: Secondary Education and English, I want to teach high school English. 318 more words


Getting My Groove Back

I think anger is a widely misunderstood emotion. It seems as though some tend to live their lives in a hamster wheel of anger and self-pity. 712 more words

The Ultimate Study Playlist

Now if you’re like me you need music to study.  I have the hardest time studying when it is pin-drop quiet, and Spotify is my musical drug.  260 more words


Take Time For Peace

I know what it’s like to be busy. I’m seven months pregnant with my first baby, I’m a more-than-full-time college student in upper division classes, and I work part-time. 497 more words