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It’s only the sixth week of my final semester and I already came down with Senioritis. For those who don’t know what Senioritis is, it is a term that seniors (either in highschool or in college) use to determine their lack of motivation for the last few weeks of school. 115 more words

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8 struggles of living in hostels

As you know hostels are for short term accommodation. That’s why they are cheaper and smaller than hotels. And kind of uncomfortable. Of course, those places are great for meeting new people from different countries or having fun nights with a group of friends. 551 more words

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A Typical 84 degree Saturday in Austin

This last weekend in Austin the temperature was 84 degrees. Now remember, it is STILL FEBRUARY!! Of course the weather has been bipolar over the last couple of weeks, but 84 degree weather in February is rare. 286 more words



As you all know I applied to the Disney College Program for the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. I’m very excited to announce that I was accepted into the program and was extended an offer to work Quick Service Food and Beverage during the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. 273 more words


Working Hard Against Yourself

This isnt a blog for the common reader, or really a blog for any reader. This is more of a blog for myself. If you choose to read then I will greatly appreciate you for that, but if not,  then I wouldn’t blame you. 442 more words

You are Never "Late"

In my previous post, I Celebrate You! I talked about being “late” regarding big life milestones and how it isn’t really being late at all. Shortly after writing that post, I found this truly inspiring video with a few facts about being “late” that might surprise you.

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Why Do We Feel The Need to Be With Someone?

I’ve been asking this question for years.

Ever since I was 16 years old, I always found myself in a relationship. I would date a guy, he would break up with me, and then a week or two later I would find myself in another relationship. 320 more words