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Blog #12, Day 19

June 19, 2018 at 5:44pm

I want to believe it’s a sign that at midnight, on the day of my birthday, I will be working. I’m hoping my Taylor Swift year is my year of health, wealth, & stability. 203 more words

College Blogger

To Live is to Learn - Book Two

It’s Talk About It Tuesday! Let’s talk about a book.

I used to love reading. In my less stressed years, it was guaranteed I would have at least one book in my backpack or purse. 474 more words

Life As An Intern

Halfway There

I write this blog post in congratulations to all my University friends: we finished the damn year! The 2017-2018 academic year marked the end of my 2nd year in my undergrad education, which is quite a scary thought. 350 more words


College Study Tips

Being a college student is hard enough as it is, it feels like there’s constantly a deadline or a test or a project due and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 226 more words


Cheap Colleges: A Guide for International Students

Doc Seidman Says….

….In the United States, no two colleges are the same. The amount you will pay (tuition) will vary from college to college. If you are trying to study in the United States on a limited budget, the college you choose to attend will be your most important decision. 547 more words


Week One Reflections

First week of internship – CONQUERED!

Go me.

Here are ten things I’ve learned my first week, and what I hope you’ve learned with me. 354 more words

Life As An Intern

Day Five

Having yesterday off was so nice. I organized my closet. I didn’t brush my hair and change my clothes until late in the afternoon. I read some more of a textbook I’ve been reading and reviewing (post coming soon). 756 more words

Life As An Intern