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4 Year College Plan?!

I hate that ‘4 year college degree’ circle society shoves you in. Because, Oh my! I might graduate a whole semester later than my high school classmates.  348 more words

Northern Ireland Trip

As you could have gathered from the pictures (click here if you haven’t seen them) I posted recently, I was in Northern Ireland last weekend. 1,489 more words

Study Abroad

How To Save/Make Money in College

Hello Wonderful People of the World!

Today I am sharing some ways to not be a “broke college kid.” If you have any other suggestions to my fellow college students, let me know! 365 more words


Mystery Potatoes!

Being away at school and far from my all of my friends calls for coming up with new creative ways to talk to them. I’ve already done the traditional mailing letters and pictures, we’ve even FaceTimed and Skyped, so this semester I turned to the internet for some new ideas. 291 more words

Tom Hanks Returns College Student's Missing ID With Handwritten Note

Tom Hanks has finally located the Fordham University student whose lost ID card he found while walking in Central Park on Tuesday. The student, Lauren, tells Entertainment Tonight, “I’m so thankful that he was kind enough to pay it forward to me, and I will 100 percent do the same for anyone else.” Hanks even included a handwritten note with the ID that said, “Lauren–hold onto this! 69 more words


Hi There!

My name is Kala Grace Holland and yes I do prefer to be called Kala Grace. I’m a pretty complex individual and this blog is for me to record my journey as I muddle through this thing we call life. 301 more words

I needed a break from the world

I needed some time to think. I wasn’t in the right headspace to blog.

All I could think about was him. Every time I tried to write, I would think about him. 246 more words