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I'm finally back!!!

Hey, y’all!

It feels so long since I last blogged. My previous post was written before New Years! But, today is officially the first time I’m back writing on my blog since last year and it feels so good! 196 more words


Fota Wildlife Park

After a wrap on week four of classes and the release of last semester’s grades, what better way to celebrate than a trip to a mini-zoo? 258 more words

Study Abroad

Introducing Myself 

Hi, my name is Danielle. I am a college student studying Elementary and Special Education. I also happen to be deaf-blind. I am totally blind with mild to moderate hearing loss and wear hearing aids in both ears. 53 more words

College Student

Study, Study, Study

This quarter is kicking me dead in the ass! I have ton’s of reading and all of my midterms are NEXT week. I praying that I do good on all my midterms, but I won’t know until after. 255 more words


A Social Media Fast

I told myself that I would not go on Twitter or Facebook for the entire month of February. It would be an examination of priorities. I’d often found myself foregoing many of my non-technological hobbies for endlessly, numbingly scrolling through Twitter without a second thought for other things I could be doing that were productive. 432 more words

New Blog

Today I was encouraged...

Today I was encouraged to make some changes in my life. But it wasn’t because of positive encouragement. It kind of started last night when my friends and I were hanging out. 491 more words

The Little Things

Lets talk about the little things.

The little things, in a way make the big things. The small parts of your daily life that accumulate and end up making your days just a little brighter. 497 more words