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It's a small world

Yesterday was my first day of classes. Overall I feel optimistic, intimidated, and a little tired imagining all the work I have to do. But I feel like this will be a good semester. 634 more words

OOTD: Black and White Patterns

Hello Wonderfully Amazing People of the World,

Today is my second day of classes and I must say I absolutely love my schedule this year! I’m very busy, but I also have lots of time to sit in my dorm room (tour coming up soon!) and drink coffee, look at blogs, and watch Sex and the City marathons…literally exactly what I’m doing right now until I leave for my 2:30 class. 61 more words


Feels good to be home...but...

Even though I am so happy to be back at home with all my friends and sorority sisters I do miss dressing up everyday. In college I do not spend much time dressing up to go to class where no one cares what you look like and hanging out with friends is more of a relaxed style than my internship. 44 more words

Stress Weighing You Down?

Stress is loosely defined as the brain’s response to any demand. There are many things that can trigger this response, one of them being change. Whether it’s big or small, short or long term, or positive or negative, change can have a dramatic effect on someone’s wellbeing. 368 more words

College Student

Spring Tacos

Today was the first day of spring in New Zealand! Auckland was blessed with some over all nice weather for a change :)

For dinner I made vegan tacos; unfortunately they were not the traditional carne asada, but they were still pretty darn good! 91 more words