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College Student In A Coma After Attempting To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen

College Student In A Coma After Attempting To Drink 2 Gallons of Semen

Phoenix, Arizona – Susan Yoshikomitsu, 19, of Phoenix is in a medically induced coma after doctors found 2 gallons of semen in her stomach.

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Suspended in Time

Flying at night is one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had.

Suddenly, as you are suspended in time, you become one with the universe. 153 more words

I Know You Workin' Day & Night To Get A College Degree

Back in May of 2015, I watched a lot of my friends I went to school with walk across that stage to get their diplomas. It was a really rough time for me. 589 more words

How To Travel In College

In your late teens and early twenties you go through a lot of change. You graduate high school, maybe move away from home and your friends, you make new friends, you might lose your first love or high school sweetheart, and you start college. 710 more words


College Life: Roomies

One of the things people dread when it comes to going off to college is having to share their personal space in a dorm. You hear the horror stories about roommates and you don’t know what kind of roommate you’ll be getting. 542 more words


Looking Back, Moving Forward: Preparing for Your Student's First Year

In this post Dr. Kimberly Everett, the Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Success reflects on her experience of sending her daughter to college, and what she learned in the process.  573 more words

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I'm still alive

Yet.. You may not be able find me soon, I may be underneath these papers… Drowning in syllabus week!