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Welcome Back Me....Yay.

So I get back to my little Hellhole. I put away the groceries after making space in the fridge and unpack all my things. I pay the electric bill. 749 more words

Appalachian State University

When you notice the clock only has 24 hours!

So I’ve wanted to post something about what’s new and not about me right now…but unfortunately the clock only has 24 hours, and I still need do eat and sleep. 249 more words

When it comes to saving for education, you aren’t limited to the 529 college savings plan. Learn about the Coverdell Education Savings Account to see if it’s right for your situation.

You’re probably familiar with 529 college savings plans. Named for Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, they’re also known as qualified tuition programs, and they offer tax benefits when you save for college expenses. 253 more words


L'été à Paris

Week 2

I am now a quarter of the way through the program and do not want to even think about leaving Paris. The streets, the food, the culture…I fall more in love with the city everyday. 291 more words


Thoughts of the day..

I want to be that happy girl that is bubbly all the time, but I am not. I lose myself in books and I lose myself in music. 246 more words

College Student

Rule #1: "Low budget" does not equal "poor"

The status of college student is usually associated with being poor or living on a low budget. But I would like you to draw a line here and… 191 more words

College Student