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In my previous post I mentioned that it is a goal of mine to stay more organized, and keep those organizational skills throughout the whole year. 818 more words

The Babadook - Confused, Afraid, and Hungry - Post #7

Ba-ba-ba dook dook dook

Ha, I think that was my favorite part of the movie. Other than that, eh. I mean, I can totally appreciate the more complex parts of the film and all, but I guess I was just looking for something that would traumatize me like everyone said it would. 317 more words

College Student

I gave my site a facelift. It wasn’t so much adding things, but cutting things out. Now that I’ve cleaned it up a little bit, it’s time to get my lazy butt up off the couch and add some stuff to it. 12 more words

College Student

Chickpea Curry

Another first! Yet this one didn’t go as well as the others. It was my first time every eating Indian Cuisine, so before yesterday I had only ever imagined what the flavors would taste like, however my imagination is much better than what I had last night. 344 more words


A Culture of Violence: A Continued Dialogue

22. Male. White. College student. Fraternity member. Arguably one of the most privileged and protected demographics in America. Last night, an individual of these identities lost his youth and his life in a fatal shooting that occurred around 2 A.M. 761 more words

My Mental Treasure Chest

What is she on about now? This is a legitimate question. By “mental treasure chest” I could mean so many things. I consider all the wonderful (and also the not so wonderful) memories a treasure I carry around in my head. 372 more words

Broccoli Slaw Pocket


  • 1 small tub of original cream cheese
  • 1/2 a packet of original ranch powder seasoning
  • package of broccoli slaw
  • bread pockets


  1. Stir half packet of ranch seasoning into tub of cream cheese…
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