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The Youngest Sibling Blues Part II: Confused, Afraid, and Hungry - Post #16

Alrighty then! I’m back and ready to finish what I started.

Yesterday I left off at the “Pain Legacy.” The Pain Legacy is pretty much when the older sibling picks on the younger sibling, usually due to not having as much attention as the new kid and taking all their anger out on them (besides possibly being disruptive in other spheres of life). 1,219 more words

College Student

The Youngest Sibling Blues Part I: Confused, Afraid, and Hungry - Post #15

Holy crap, I’m actually horrible at this.

I actually write in a journal (which gets about as much ink as this blog gets posts–I know, I’m crap at this) and I even considered just transferring what I wrote to here, but then I worried that someone I know might find it and connect the dots and, well you know. 402 more words

College Student

The Starbucks Thoughts

Sometimes I feel so silly. Sitting at a table in Starbucks all by myself. I feel like I should be writing a novel or a story that will make people laugh. 313 more words

"Don't you dare wish time away." A guest lesson by Morgan Weitzel.

Don’t you dare wish time away.

Time is finite, making it one of the most precious things here on this earth. Finite things have an end. 522 more words


My Own Adventure

I’ve always known what I wanted to do. The question was always how I would get myself there. Putting it in words is one way, the way I feel would be most accurate to who I am. 584 more words


NYPD: Student's Selfie High On Brooklyn Bridge Was 'Irresponsible And Illegal'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A college student found his way onto an unauthorized area of the Brooklyn Bridge and took a selfie this past weekend, and police said his actions were “irresponsible and illegal.” 296 more words


My Temporary Migration to Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yesterday marks my one month anniversary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Had I been better about posting regularly, you would have been well-versed in all of my adventures, so let me take this opportunity to fill you in. 464 more words

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