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University of Chicago Deemed “Safe Space” for Disagreement

“Trigger Warning: This piece includes mention of free speech, disagreement, controversy and common sense.

Forgive the snarky opening complete with a trigger warning, but this week, the University of Chicago said something that has been on a lot of people’s minds: that higher education should be a place to meet ideas and perspectives at odds with one’s own, not a place to be coddled from them. 37 more words

Avens O'brien

Be Nice to Your Barista

One of the things that I was a little surprised to learn in my first week at Missouri State University is that people are extremely friendly. 665 more words


10 Reasons Why You Must Move Away For College


If you were like me and you didn’t peak in high school and for some reason you did not find small talk about who Jane Doe slept with entertaining in any way- the majority of those people who did don’t move away for college. 398 more words

College Students Need Your Church (From the YALT Blog)

I’m a contributor for the blog of the Young Adult Leadership Taskforce (YALT), which is a ministry of the denomination I’ve grown up in and still consider myself, though perhaps somewhat loosely, a part of. 288 more words

Guest Posts

The time has come for you to join the ranks of college freshmen at IPFW. Feeling a strange mixture of excitement and nervousness is to be expected.

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Tips for Transitioning from a Community College to a University.... #ODU💙

Hi babes, Happy Thursday!! Today, I will be sharing with you guys on tips for transitioning from a community college to a university with personal experience from myself.. 784 more words

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It’s that time of year again, when nervous first time students pack up their parent’s car and make the move into college. 1,601 more words