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Opening the Gates

My name is Jordan and I was born to a small Baptist family in 1991. I have one older brother and one younger sister; my father worked construction and my mother aside from her various jobs through my childhood, was mainly responsible for taking care of her elderly parents. 911 more words


Drowning in disillusionment

As student debt climbs, students at AU remain critical of the administration and student groups voicing concerns

By Sarah Hendricks

As finals wind down and graduation nears at American University (AU), students are thinking about the end of school. 1,049 more words


A struggle for normalcy

For students who live with a chronic illness or chronic pain, every day is a battle

By Kate Magill

Hannah Sieff values spoons more than most people. 1,850 more words

American University

The ugly truths of studying abroad at AU

International students studying abroad at AU often face many challenges unseen by typical college students. Photos by Lindsay Maizland

By Lindsay Maizland

Soukaina Mrini couldn’t hold in her tears any longer. 783 more words


20 Things Girls Learn Before They Turn 20

As little girls we played dress up with our best friends, pretending like we were princesses married to our Prince Charming, and together we ruled over our kingdom while living in a beautiful castle. 781 more words

College Students

All About That Basic: 7 Reasons Why Being Basic Isn't So Bad

My generation is weird; I have no problem admitting it. On one hand, we’re highly dependent on technology, we post too much on social media about our day, we care too much about fitting in and following trends, and the question “what Netflix show are you watching now?” probably comes up in daily conversation far too often. 917 more words

College Students

50 Things I Learned As a College Freshman

Recently I read a blog from one of my sorority sisters titled “72 Things I Learned From Living In My Sorority House”, and if you are a sorority girl like myself, I highly suggest you read it! 1,144 more words

College Students