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Material Girls

Sitting in a Uni kitchen at 12:25 and burning hastily made French toast is not the first place you would expect to find two members of the glamorous underground world of Sugar Babies, yet there we sat. 483 more words

Americans Abroad

Tybee officers prepare for Orange Crush beach party

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WJCL) — The Orange Crush beach party is only about two weeks away and local officials are working to set up a game plan for the massive crowd of spring breakers about to hit the sand. 217 more words

Local News

Carol Frazer Haynesworth Helping Others CoAuthor Their Destiny

 We often come across individuals that makes it their duty to extend a hand and help others find their light and passion. Well, to close out the end of Women’s History Month we have found that individual and she goes by the name of Carol Frazer Haynesworth. 1,290 more words

Class Profile: Convergence Reporting I

According to the ACU course descriptions, Convergence Reporting I is a “study of the nature of news; the reporter’s three-fold role of reporting, researching, and writing; and the basic news forms for print and broadcast media.” Although that makes the class sound boring and uneventful—and maybe even torture if you take it as an 8am—there’s more to the course than you might think. 182 more words

The "P" Word

There’s no way we can really claim to have the prosperity of tertiary students at heart and NOT talk about the “P” word: PROSTICATION. We all suffer from it to some degree, others much worse than some. 192 more words

General Posts

How Essential Oils Changed My Life

There have been many article and blog postings about how essential oils can benefit a persons overall health. The right combination can be more beneficial to someone than any medication could be. 542 more words


NewsFlash: Benefits of Yoga for College Students

Yoga isn’t just for the nature lovers, moms, and Buddhists. Yoga is believed to give some great results for college students. Students who partake in yoga throughout the school year have several physical and mental benefits. 475 more words