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Can I be punished by my college for off-campus activity?


For specifics:

According to The Ohio State University’s Code of Conduct, you can be disciplined for off-campus activity if any of the below are applicable: 329 more words

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Legislative panel keeps photo ID requirement

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A legislative subcommittee killed an attempt Tuesday to repeal Virginia’s requirement that voters show a photo ID at the polls.

A subcommittee of the House Privileges and Elections Committee voted to shelve HB 1904, which would have eliminated the mandate that registered Virginia voters present a driver’s license, passport or other government-issued photo ID in order to vote. 603 more words


Employment Scam Targets College Students

In a public service message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, released the 18th of January, the FBI spoke of an employment scam, targeting college students for the ending result of identity theft. 504 more words

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Fake News: The Absence of Intelligence

The country is in turmoil over the rise of fake news and the influence it has had in shaping opinions. There is substantial evidence to show that fake news is a real issue that needs to be explained, but the media outlets seem to be addressing the wrong entity in trying to prevent fake news. 426 more words

What’s Trending: Utilizing User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) has proved to be 20% more influential on purchasing decisions for consumers. Since 84% of people trust opinions and recommendations from people they know over any other form of marketing; UGC is the key to enhancing your store’s image. 63 more words

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True Memoirs of a College Epidemic: Why Do College Student's Struggle?

Why is it sooo hard for college students to hang on to hope?  To just simply ‘hang in there’?  

Why is it that it is up to us to further educate ourselves beyond high school?   837 more words

The Nature of Meditative Teaching: A Finger Pointing at The Moon!

I wanted to make a brief post for those trotting through the vast and diverse landscape of spiritual or meditative teachings. The teaching can be a truly essential aspect in developing one’s understanding of the practice, but words are a dual edged sword in this domain! 801 more words