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DPD Police Blotter: Satyr?

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia Police Department officers are seeking a young man who rode naked on a goat at high speed through Wasteland Park Sunday afternoon, screaming, “Somebody stop them, they’re closing in!” 273 more words

7 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Students

It’s official: spring has sprung! As we start to rise from winter hibernation, it’s time to tidy things up and embrace the start of a new season. 1,471 more words


This 2-year study investigated the accommodations and support services preferred by college students with autism spectrum disorder using sequential mixed methods non-experimental survey and semi-structured follow-up interviews. 17 more words

Living Well

NO.1 How to save

So this is going to be a three-part series about how to save your money, the best place to take a vacation and affordable spring outfits to bring. 676 more words


Spring Broken

Writer: Kyle Pearson

Spring break can be an amazing time for college students, while some enjoy their week off of classes, most travel to distant beaches in an attempt to escape their life they will soon dreadfully return to. 458 more words


Travel Tips for Students on Spring Break

Words have power.

Generally speaking, most students would say they are too broke to travel.  As an Itinerary Planner, my response to that would be, “be careful what you say.”  The claims we make regarding our transient financial circumstances eventually are manifested in our lives.  1,035 more words


VR vs. AR – What’s the Difference?

As Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) continue to gain steam, you might be wondering what the difference is, and more importantly – how it affects your business. 296 more words