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Feedback on Chyten

So we went with Chyten for our test prep for the ACT.  They had my son take a practice ACT and practice SAT.  Based on that, we decided that he would focus on and take the ACT.   182 more words

College Entrance Exams Are a Bad Thing

Writing for Fox New, Ms. Lion Calandra asserts that we should not be trying to fix the SAT and other college entrance exams, we should forget about them. 273 more words


International Baccalaureate: A Mother's Final Notes From The Trenches

Sizzling drums. Drizzling tears. An unlikely alchemy.

Last week on a stage in Paris, while standing in a pocket of shadow off to the side of a big screen, I fingertipped away a couple of tears as I watched footage of my eldest son Parker, drumming. 1,367 more words

International Baccalaureate: Notes From the Trenches, Part 5; Weighted Grades

You’re reading a post by a high school drop out.

In a manner of speaking. I more or less stopped going to high school half way through my senior (final) year. 1,036 more words

The International Baccalaureate: Notes From the Trenches, Part 3, College Apps

That high school senior of ours I mentioned in the last post, in addition to slaying the dragon of the full IB, is simultaneously in the throes of completing college applications. 938 more words

Expatriate Living

The International Baccaluareate: Notes From The Trenches, Part 2

Some explanations to springboard this discussion on education:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is currently used by over 1 million students speaking 74 languages across 145 countries.  1,190 more words

International Parenthood

Scaling Today's Educational Landscape: A Moral Dilemma?

Our son Dalton is scaling a Swiss mountain today.  This is a day trip shared with his graduating class, an extremely rare communal activity meant to symbolize the sort of synergy and determination needed not only to survive, but to have success in the academic gulag they’re participating in. 2,562 more words