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American public universities are no longer the most expensive in the world

The US may no longer be the most expensive place to get a college education in the world. New research shows that England has the highest tuition fees at its public universities than pretty much any country in the industrialized world. 166 more words

Free tuition doesn't solve the biggest problem with college in America

Last week, students marched across America demanding free tuition. But if their goal is making higher education more accessible, free tuition won’t work. It is a blunt and ineffective tool to increase the number of college-degree holders. 638 more words

Hundreds Of Pitt Students Protest High Tuition Costs As Part Of “Million Student March”

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Several hundred University of Pittsburgh students blocked evening rush hour traffic Thursday in Oakland to protest the rising cost of tuition and student debt. 184 more words


Campus Marches Over Student Debt Held Coast-To-Coast

DAIVS, Calif. (AP) – Students at more than a hundred colleges and universities are staging marches in support of free tuition, a $15 minimum wage for campus workers and the cancellation of debt from student loans. 108 more words


The Cost of Our Future

By: Joshua Fuller

Montgazette Staff Writer

It’s no secret that with college costs have been increasing over the last 10 years, students are left searching for how to pay for college. 263 more words

The 529 Savings Plan: A Tax-Smart Way to Fund College Expenses

November 10, 2015

If you’re saving for college, consider a Section 529 plan. Although contributions aren’t deductible for federal purposes, plan assets can grow tax-deferred. 177 more words


Colleges Lower Tuition To Make Education More Affordable

Colleges have heard our cries and are responding to our pleas: they are making education more affordable by lowering tuition. The following 10 colleges have formally announced their decision to lower their tuition, which will help alleviate the burden for many college students and their parents who simply cannot afford the (ridiculously) expensive education. 601 more words