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Students and parents now share the cost of college equally, Sallie Mae says

It’s no secret that college costs are on the rise — especially to families preparing to shell out thousands of dollars for tuition this fall. But how exactly do families manage to pay for college? 776 more words


College Will Pay $85,000 Salary For Social Justice Position 

You don’t need a college degree to grasp why college costs keep going up with expenditures like this. 144 more words


What Baby Boomers didn't know

Those over 60 were taught that we would retire with a substantial savings from a company we had worked for all of our adult lives. 629 more words

Baby Boomers

How $500 can pay for college

Today, a kind older gentleman at the grocery store made me take a good hard look at my future for me and my kids.

As we were walking out with a full cart and three kids hanging on, the man said… “Aw, you should have more babies.” I smiled and said “We’ll see!” But in my head I said… “How in the heck would I put them all through college!” 253 more words

Rodan Fields

2017 FLDC Scholarship Winners

Hey everyone,

Hopefully you saw my Facebook posts announcing the winners of the 2017 Finger Lakes Dental Care academic scholarship.  Of the three years we’ve offered this scholarship, this year had the most submissions. 202 more words