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College Visits over April Vacation

We are ALWAYS stressing how important it is to go out and visit colleges.  Being on campus is the very best way to get a feel for a school and find out if it’s a good fit for you.  430 more words

The Practice of Releasing

Two recent experiences with my kids have me thinking again about the idea of release, or letting go. Our youngest daughter Katie is 16 years old, and ready to head off to college, in spite of the fact she is only in her junior year of high school. 965 more words

Day To Day

College Visits

College visits are the worst thing ever. Sure, you get to see the place you might be spending the next four years and get a feel for the campus and student body, but it’s not all great. 250 more words


University of Dallas

University of Dallas (visit 3/3/15)

UD is a “Catholic university for independent thinking.” They assert that there’s a truth and wisdom to be known and that it’s in people’s nature to question. 1,023 more words

College Visits

Austin College

Austin College (Visited 3/2/15)

Austin College, despite the name, located in Sherman, TX, about 45 minute north of Dallas near the Oklahoma border, NOT in the city of Austin! 992 more words

College Visits

Southern Methodist University

SMU (visited 3/2/15)

Contrary to what people may believe, “you don’t have to be either Southern or Methodist to go here.” The school is actively fighting the rich, white, preppy stereotype, and the student population is “relatively diverse” and improving every year. 991 more words

College Visits

Stories from the Trenches: In which I rewrite history and Jesus rides dinosaurs

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Recently, one of my students and I reconnected on Facebook and she messaged me, “I still get a big smile when I remember our talk about Jesus horses. 371 more words