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University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound (visited 6/20/17)

Puget Sound offers students a juxtaposition of the natural beauty within the city of Tacoma. It’s idyllic but still accessible. 1,111 more words

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Saint Martin's University

Saint Martin’s University (visited 6/19/17)

This is a very Catholic school with a Benedictine monastery on campus. The school was here before the town, founded when a student canoed up the Hood Canal; he was the only student being educated by the monks for several months. 864 more words

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Seattle University

Seattle University (visited 6/22/17)

“Students who come here are engaged and aware of the world and want to make an impact, as cliché and Jesuit as that sounds. 1,120 more words

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Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Lutheran University (visited 6/19/17)

“PLU makes you figure out who you are,” said one of the tour guides. Students and professors alike tend to be inquisitive and engage in critical thinking. 1,216 more words

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Are You Ready For College Admissions 2017-2018?

Summer is here. The gaokao is over. And that means it’s time for many students to start their college application planning. Many students will start visiting colleges across the globe. 195 more words

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Cornish College of the Arts

Cornish College of the Arts (visited 6/23/17)

“We’re interesting. We’re different. If students don’t come here, we’d like to help them go to one of our responsible peers that will take care of them.” Being such a small school (about 800 students with only 8 majors) allows them to offer this kind of care that extends through their entire time on campus. 873 more words

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Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College (visited 6/20/17)

“This will probably be the most unusual school you’ll visit this week,” said the rep, and she wasn’t wrong. This is an interdisciplinary liberal arts and sciences school which does not offer traditional majors. 1,173 more words

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