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Weekend at Columbia

This was a pretty surprising weekend for me. I’ve been missing a lot of school lately for college visits (as have most seniors) and I almost considered not missing this week since a) it was the week after spring break and I wanted to catch up on work and b) senior Coachella Day was this Friday and I was highkey kind of hyped to see everyone’s outfits. 2,373 more words

College Life

Wagner College

Wagner College (visited 3/24/17)

The students who thrive here are those who are curious and who want a theory-to-practice experience, said one of the professors. The claim to fame for this college is that they’re the residential liberal arts institution of New York City. 1,476 more words

College Visits

University of Mount Olive

University of Mount Olive (3/13/17)

UMO’s main campus is small and located along a highway, tucked behind a shopping plaza. Luckily there’s a sign pointing visitors down the entrance road. 351 more words

College Visits

Queens University of Charlotte

Queens University of Charlotte (visited 3/30/17)

“We get kids who might fly under the radar, but we get the stand-outs, as well,” said a rep. “Maybe they haven’t blossomed yet. 1,137 more words

College Visits

Duke University

Duke University (visited 3/14/17)

Of course Duke is a great school, and the facilities are outstanding. Campus is gorgeous (the landscaping, gardens, and buildings are just amazing) and well maintained (including Wifi across campus). 721 more words

College Visits

College Tours & Panic! at the Disco

Well, it’s finally happened. I went on my first road trip.

Over spring break, I convinced my family to take me on a tour of southern California to visit colleges. 816 more words


This week I had a flashback to when my kid was a baby. He is now an 18-year-old senior, and even with teenager shenanigans, I’d still rather have a teen than a baby. 1,091 more words