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Final Major Project: Track 02 Production

Today I’ve Been working on track 02 of my E.P,

I started track 02 or “Earth” (May keep name?) yesterday which i forgot to blog about so i thought i’ll just blog about it today. 137 more words

Final Major Project

Exquisite Corpse (Post#6)

The Exquisite Corpse is an exercise where one person starts by writing a sentence and the person next to them then has to draw a picture based off the sentence, and after that the person next to them must write a new sentence based on the previous drawing, however, the new person can not see the original sentence that was written. 141 more words


Blog #3

Title & Plot

The Ninja Life

When Ben & Jane are forced to move out of their home after it floods, they move in with the girlfriend’s parents, Jack & Dina. 123 more words

College Work

Financial Issues in the Gaming Industry

Business models – The business model of a company is how the company sets out their employees. An example of a standard business model would be Producer, Manger, Team leader, Team member an example of this would be “Bungie” who follow this simple job role structure. 790 more words

Final Major Project: The Start of Production.

Blog #3 The start of production.
Recently i have been trying to develop the concept of the story behind the E.P so that the storyline fits in and around one track that inspired the story concept called murderer which was created before i was tasked to do this project. 142 more words

Final Major Project

College Work: Infographic

Date: 2014
Task: Create an infographic.

We were tasked to create an infographic using Illustrator for practice. The details were given to us.

College Work

The Working Poem

Nauseated by pain

in my right leg

walking becomes a danger

for the children of the future.

God could you be more dramatic?


depends on what kind of mood… 44 more words