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Karting at NKC // Round 1 Highlights Video

So as P.R.O for ULRM this year I thought maybe I could try something a bit different. A hobby of mine is creating videos so I though I would try my hand at creating review videos of each of our karting rounds. 53 more words

College Work

MakerSpace Week 3: Playdough Circits

In the third session of Makerspace we experimented with conductive playdough,  I was paired with Callum during this task.

At first we tried to connect an Led normally but it failed to work with usual batteries this was because the dough was highly resistant. 70 more words

College Work

UL Racing & Motorsport Brand New Website.

So I have been working over the last month or so on UL Racing & Motorsports brand new website. I felt that we just needed a more up to date site rather than the old weebly site which served almost no purpose bar checking the league standings. 44 more words

College Work

Blender Bottle

After looking at Blender tutorials in College I made something that wasn’t saved, so today I remade it, A 3D bottle. The first thing I did was go into Front perspective then I created the points. 123 more words

College Work

MakerSpace Week 2: DrawBot

In the second week of college and the second session of MakerSpace the task was to make a Draw-bot. A draw-bot is a cup or object that vibrates from the effects of a motor, then the attached pens would scribble or draw depending on how it was made. 107 more words

College Work

MakerSpace Week 1: Notepad

In the first week of college we were tasked with making a notepad.

I started by folding A4 paper and then made it the wrong size after cutting the paper with a Guillotine. 70 more words

College Work

Children of Men - Camera shot analysis

Children of Men – Car scene, The protagonists are being hunted down by a group while they try and flee in a car after being cut off by a burning car in the center of the road. 763 more words

College Work