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Because I'm the Spawn of Satan

Explain why

you always wear

a black shirt

in a size too small.

Explain why

your brown hair

is fueled by the fire

of other’s discouragement. 51 more words


In 1999

In 1999, Nostradamus predicted the end of the world…. (nothing happened, of course) I entered college and started my new life after the long and boring high school time. 307 more words

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Geo-Game Brief


New Local territory based Battle/Trade RPG


  • Starting point for discussion with a client.
  • Communicate ideas to a client & others in the team.
  • Important in forming a good working relationship with the client & others.
  • 190 more words
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Creative analysis (Film noir in games)

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy



Playable Characters:

  1. Lucas Cain

Lucas Kane is the main and primary male protagonist in Fahrenheit, and is voiced by David Gasman. Born and raised on the remote Wishita military base by his scientist parents (the deaths of whom in a car accident had severely affected him ten years previous to the events of the game), Lucas now works as an I.T. 8,991 more words

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Semiotics – Retrospect

In class we viewed an image entitled “The Treachery of Images” by Rene Margritte. This is an image I haven’t seen before, but it reminded me greatly of an example of a flower from media theory in first year. 358 more words

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Paradigms, Stories & Myths

From the last topic of semiotics, I discussed how signs mediate a message to a reader. Often this is mediated to us through a story or event which we can recognise. 155 more words

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Structuralism to Semiotics

In this lecture we revisited semiotics for the first time since our first year in the course. After studying media studies and theory modules in first year I became more aware of the content I was viewing. 576 more words

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