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The Composer | Trailer

A film noir trailer from HNC: Television, 2013.

The Composer, Blooper Reel, 2013.


The Interview | Editing Assignment

This is an editing assignment from HND: Television, 2014.


Fashion or Family photography???

Im not big fan of fashion photography,but I decide to be open for challenge. I did try my best have fun work with great team  but  this is still not for me… 53 more words

BTEC Level 3

Don't be a dummy! Make a dummy book

I had so much fun of making a photo book dummy.

Project I decided to use was my street life “Reflections”.

I did struggle with idea for  street life project at the beginning.I couldn’t find my place at the street. 312 more words

BTEC Level 3

The clouds are balls of cotton...

“This assignment is about understanding and interpreting ideas in a metaphorical way.

A metaphor is the representation of a person, place, thing, or idea by using visual language that suggests a particular association or point of similarity. 156 more words

BTEC Level 3

Unexplained shadows

This unit was unexpected treat, not unexplained shadows…

I did learn a lot in such short amount of time discovered techniques I never knew they existed.I only wish we have more time… 181 more words

BTEC Level 3

Darkroom time

I don’t know where to start…Darkroom was always special journey for me and it was like that this time as well.
That wasn’t my first time in darkroom, but I can say it feels like it was, I learnt a lot. 334 more words

BTEC Level 3