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This is my first blog post (Not really)

All right then.

In my college we have a module called Digital Citizenship. It’s a really interesting module on what to do and not do on the internet, and how the internet affects us, and so on. 272 more words


The Limits of the New World

Technology has certainly pushed the limits of human innovation over the centuries, and in so doing, created a prosperous age of development for a steadily rising future. 332 more words

College Work

Society and Its Smartitude

Knowledge is wonderful, isn’t it? It’s been one of the key things that fostered humanity’s advancement, and kept us from near self-destruction for thousands of years. 323 more words

College Work

London science museum

Today we went to the science museum in London, them places are fantastic. Although we only had a short time I managed to get pictures I wanted to capture. 43 more words


Stop motion part 1

So here is the first part of my stop motion. Next I will add some music and sound

I think this a good representation of my imagination.


College work 

With the paint dry, and stop motion photographed now all left is timings and stop motion rendering. Looking forward to seeing the final results.


Up Ship Creek

We have been working on and developing a board game supplemented with AR and possibly smart phone companion app. The theme of the game is 1960’s retro spaceship travelling through space where three players must interact with each other and the AR to complete a set of tasks to complete the journey without dying or other penalties. 786 more words