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Memorial Day

I hope that whoever you are, you are surrounded by family and those you love today. Today is a day to celebrate life. Celebrate the lives of those still with us, but do not forget those who laid down their lives so that we are alive and free today. 24 more words


The Great Summer Debate: Should I Stay in my College Town or go Home for the Summer?

Summer is a sweet time where I can relax, mindlessly watch shows, and…feel guilty about time that I have wasted. Summer months always result in this inevitable daily guilt trip where I berate myself for doing absolutely nothing with my life and still refuse to do anything afterwards. 966 more words


There has still been literally no peace in my life except in brief moments in the last two weeks. I’ll try to go in order. 1,513 more words


Reflections in the Jacuzzi

Usually, after a swim in the pool, I would head over to the jacuzzi and just sit there clear-minded and relaxed, enjoying every jet of water as it massages my back. 659 more words

Dear Diary...

Graduation Canvas Wall Art

Just in time for graduation, I thought I would share one of my post popular posts: a tutorial on creating a one-of-a-kind wall canvas for your graduate. 13 more words


The Love for Samosa.

Ten past ten. It is the time when all the energy in our organs, which were provided for some kind of meaningful activity, drains out in the usual useless talks and fights about the “nothings” of the previous day after college hours. 345 more words

Break Time

My Weird Fears

Now, it’s time to talk about something serious.

My biggest fears in this world.

While some people are afraid of snakes, spiders, death, and their mother-in-laws, 271 more words