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Learning How To Budget

One of the biggest challenges any freshmen faces is learning how to budget. What may seem like an easy task turns out to be slightly trickier than anticipated.  226 more words


A different feeling

I feel calm, but yet excited. I feel like something is different.

This year has been all about figuring out who I am. Or well, “You don’t find yourself… You create yourself”. 377 more words


Picking football games (against the spread)

This might sound shocking, but I have not placed a bet on football during the 2017-’18 season.

While that’s a pretty swell thing, I do miss the  779 more words


Brad’s Status (2017) ☆☆☆(3/4): On his insecure status

Going through the 34th year of my life at present, I sometimes wonder whether I am fine with my current status. While I recently managed to settle on a modest but stable job after several years of personal confusion and difficulty, I often cannot help but think of the time which irreversibly passed by me during last 17 years, and I feel regretful and anxious as reflecting on the fact that I already spent more than a third of my possible life span. 897 more words


Virginia wins rare road game at Boise State 42-23

BOISE, Id. – Beating the Bronco’s on the blue field isn’t something that happens often. Beating them handily, is even rarer. An ascending Virginia (3-1) football team did that on Friday in a 42-23 win over Boise State (2-2). 108 more words


One month in!!

Wow. What can I say? It has officially been one month since the Class of 2021 has moved onto bison hill. Stress is in the air, and people are squirming to find room in their schedule to either sleep, eat, or study. 192 more words


Dear lord look how sick this ghetto made us......

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is a liar. We all have issues but try having issues and not having money. Poverty exacerbates issues. Today I went to a sandwich spot and decided to check my account before stepping in, just out of habit. 558 more words