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Headed Home

day 100/365

Happy 100 day anniversary, One Year to Happy! I truly cannot believe it has already been 100 days. I started this blog totally on a whim and I never would have guessed how much it would impact my life. 214 more words

Coup D'etat of the English Language

English is a demanding language to master. Our sloth-like mannerisms can make the poetic appear as a jumbled mass of words. Long involved sentences with no sense of direction except to fill the void on a blank sheet of paper rule the writing community. 869 more words

Random Musings

🔥Freedom Is Real🔥


Whatup, guys! This is your girl, came back from the dead. Almost three weeks with no posts AT ALL. Okay, I am terrible. I am sorry for making you wait (or has anyone been patient enough to wait, I don’t even know now) for so long. 956 more words


Unit 54 Assignment One


The use of minimalism in product design is appeasing to audiences as the simplistic designs are pleasing to look at. The stylish and creative designs offer an intricate display of the products contents in a different way to the normal “busy” style of traditional posters. 584 more words

Projects (College)

How to make your Thanksgiving not suck: A guide to avoiding disappointment, avoiding upping your pants size, and avoiding awkward conversations

Thanksgiving is my favorite because honestly, who doesn’t love pecan pie, green bean casserole, and homemade rolls? And I’m a sucker for a duck with orange sauce… but that’s apparently not the common bird to eat on Thanksgiving.  461 more words


Conflict but then a resolution

Oh god…so it’s currently 2:38 am and I finally had a breakthrough with my life. So let me give a background, my entire life I “thought” I wanted to go into the medical field right like all little children’s dreams, the “doctor” life. 262 more words

4:00 A.M.

4:00 AM:

Restless. The sheets are heavy, ugh. Why is it so fucking hot in the house? I feel like going on a drive…I feel like doing something to allow my body space to stretch and move. 428 more words