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Hold the Crunch

Jim’s job was to put the crunch in the new peanut butter, Jif. One machine chopped the peanuts into slivers, and another machine used pistons to plug the slivers into the creamy product. 309 more words



Ang pagsali sa teatro ay punong-puno ng sakripisyo, pagod at puyat. Uuwi kang may pasa sa tuhod, sugat sa braso at makakatikim ka ng mga masasakit na salita. 1,081 more words


How to Check Your Mental & Emotional Health

Hey Friends,

So it’s been awhile and I can honestly say that I’ve been through a whirlwind of change in the last few months. Seeing my body through negative and positive changes and tending to mental health has been taking up the majority of my time – distancing me from writing. 473 more words



These last few days have been SO MUCH FUN and I just needed to share them with you. Coming back from spring break has been rough, really hard to get back into the swing of things. 307 more words


Why I'm Taking a Break From Blogging

I have this thing where I feel like I need to take on a lot in order to be successful. Which is ironic considering that I’ve been one of those people vigorously nodding along to quotes & articles about our harmful obsession with busyness. 670 more words


FREE Printable School Planners - Organization Tools for School

If you can save time, you can do more of other things (like living my life *ahem;playing PC games), and to get that, organization skills are essential, to a good a degree. 276 more words


The Art of Faking It

In life, the most professional perplexity you will encounter will the most important tool you will master. There will be times you don’t think your boss’s jokes are funny, your work is worthwhile, or the day just isn’t going great for you. 1,171 more words