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Saturday Chillin'

Saturday Chillin’

Food. Tennis. Badminton. Plays.

With some k00L fishies


I'm Not Afraid to be Alone - But The Thought is Unappealing!

I feel guilty for not blogging as much but recently, I realized I need to. There are so many things in my daily life that cause me to react but I can’t keep dumping all my troubles on my friends. 747 more words



Okay. So I know I have a big ego, and I get offended easily (at least I know it and admit it). I’m extremely closed off-like to the point of not even realizing it until someone points it out or like, you know, a design project based on ‘my secret world’. 663 more words

HTML Intermediate- Tables, Lists, Layouts, Forms & Inputs, Iframes

Selamat datang dan selamat berjumpa lagi readers pada post saya kali ini. Saya¬† masih akan membahas mengenai HTML. Baca juga postingan saya sebelumnya mengenai HTML… 896 more words


Pink - Review 

I’d like to point out that so far this year I’ve seen two Bollywood movies which revolve around courtroom drama. One of those movies was Rustom, which was based on real events and failed to deliver on every single level despite its big budget and ensemble cast. 422 more words




Nope. Just nope. I’m tired. I’m done. I couldn’t roll out of bed until 1pm, proceeded to feel awful and needing to get EVERYTHING done, and nothing was accomplished. 255 more words

Initiate| September 25, 2016


Woke up one of these days one of these weeks (who knows when) and requested rejection.

Talk about awkward conversations galore full of persistent moments of silence. 171 more words

The Journey