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I need a favor.

Pan: Part III (pt. 1, pt. 2)

It seemed like every time Peter left, something bad happened. However, this time it was… 502 more words


The More You Know 

Words are easy for me to write. I like writing far more than speaking. I can be way more truthful and sincere in this mode of writing, than I can in any other type. 612 more words

Expressing Feelings

My Biggest Fear

As school approaches in the next few weeks, my anxiety is at an all time high. I have been out of school for a year and I can honestly say I didn’t miss it one bit. 586 more words


Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore talk about UConn influence on Team USA

(WTNH)–The female version of the “Dream Team” will play tomorrow in Bridgeport.

It’s one of the Americans’ few stops before heading to Brazil to chase gold at the Rio Games. 104 more words


Where I'm At

Right now, I’m sat up in bed, at 3:05am, writing my first ever blog post.

This isn’t going to be exciting, just a general overview of where I’m at in life – to sort it out in my own head more than anything. 458 more words

27 days

This is my beautiful new notebook that has become my reason for living the past few days. I’m very excited to complete the “layouts” of my first bullet journal, just in time to start school!

Enrollment Frustrations

My beloved university, UPLB, is currently going through shit*. Everyone is angry, and if they’re not angry, they’re probably sleeping because they had been up all night trying to get the subjects that they shouldn’t even be fighting for, to begin with. 408 more words