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Tips For Being Successful

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you all had an amazing Monday and a great start to your week. I know that Mondays can be difficult sometimes. 1,146 more words


God's Promises and My Obedience

Hello blogging friends! Life has been so crazy but I’m finally back to blogging and am super excited about it! I hope everyone is having a great summer :) Today’s blog post is based off of a new devotional reading plan I started yesterday on the Bible App (which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend downloading) called “There is a Cloud”. 485 more words


Nervous to stay 1st semester in Washington DC

As soon as I arrived at the San Diego International (SAN) airport, it hit me. I was going be away from my mother for the first time. 273 more words


9 Types Of Guys You Will Most Definitely Date After College

Life after college can be a swamp. It can be rife with confusion, hard choices, and uncertainty. It can also be a fairyland filled with unexpected unicorns and lots of adorable succulents. 1,563 more words


Amazon Prime Day: The 42 Dogs of Amazon I Shook Paws With Before I Refreshed to Success

I have played tic-tac-toe without the O in calendar boxes since the date for Amazon Prime got leaked. Yeah, I could have used my $15 store-credit and been smiling from A to Z a few weeks ago, but I’ve had this… 337 more words


Personal Ad

I was in the cafe last night working, just minding my own business (okay, well I was eating on the line, but it was Sunday and none of the bosses were there, and nobody was going to stop me!) when… 936 more words

Where Do You Start When Researching a College?

Starting is the hardest part. Whether you are starting a long essay, a new workout routine, or simply getting out of bed to start your day, the first steps are usually the hardest. 690 more words