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Why you should join your schools Student Government Association

Each community college has a student government association or something similar, whether it’s a council or association. The Student Government of a school has the ability to make changes on campus. 445 more words


DePaul University’s plan to reduce its carbon emissions

DePaul University is known for its Vincentian Values. Part of the university’s Catholic and Vincentian mission is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus for its students, its surrounding neighborhoods and the city of Chicago. 108 more words


in all honesty, i still don’t particularly know how i feel about college. however, i suppose that that’s understandable given the fact that i’m virtually never on campus and i’ve only been in college for a few months now. 322 more words

Being Bullied ?

If you were bullied in school, college or even in office. Stand for it. Stand for yourself. Nobody’s going to help you unless you help yourself. 194 more words


8 Quick Study Tips for the Exhausted Student

Studying is the cornerstone of college life. And whether we like it or not, it pretty much sums up the college experience. Let’s face it. There is rarely, if ever, a student who successfully makes it through school without spending some quality time in their books. 676 more words


Tech and Trek

In my class I have been researching information on technology in the classroom and starting to form an educated opinion. I am slowly gaining the confidence to use different media tools to enhance the student learning and structure the classroom time.   208 more words


Trippy Tilla

There’s a unique ambience of the tilla standing with its head held high near our college; for little kids it’s a Maggi point while for the bigger kids, it’s a sutta point. 316 more words