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Your Guide to College Pt. 4: An Overview of Research in College

Rosalind Franklin, the brilliant female X-ray crystallographer who gave the scientific community the first look at DNA. Tina Campt, a humanities professor at Brown university, whose early work theorized gender, racial, and diasporic formation in black communities in Europe. 711 more words

How I Feel About Man Repeller Shutting Down

By Katherine Prochnow

Let me start off by saying that I am 100% crying in the club while typing this. It could be all this metallic eyeshadow I’m wearing (it’s Halloweek betches, you should expect nothing less), but it’s most likely due to the devastating news that Man Repeller is shutting down. 503 more words


Rezension: Make me good von Josie Charles

Make me good, Josie Charles, 439, Taschenbuch
Rezensions-/Leseexemplar von Mainwunder
Vielen Dank an das Mainwunder-Team, die mir dieses Buch zum Rezensieren überlassen haben. Wie immer hat das keine Auswirkung auf meine Bewertung oder die Rezension. 801 more words



A Haiku by A. Elizabeth

I will be away

Until mid-December comes

And I graduate!


Spooky Makeup for the Spooky Season

By Krush Sood

Spooky season calls for spooky makeup. Whether you want to have an absolutely terrifying costume or look drop-dead gorgeous, your makeup will play a role in your look. 995 more words

Can We Be Friends? Chapter 1

Hello hello! Here’s the first chapter of a short story I wrote this summer, because why not :)

Let me know if you’re into it? 1,437 more words

College Life

I think I’m slowly but gradually melding into my bed, and soon, we will become a single organism. That’s because besides getting up for school and heading to the mess to grab food, I literally live on my bed. 772 more words