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Keep It Positive

Hey, guys.

 for being so absent.

I’ve been kind of mopey and depressed these days.

Remember that guy I kind of sort of like from my writing class? 507 more words


Finding My 'Journalism'

What is journalism?

It’s been nine weeks now that I’ve been in college. Before I start to say what I think journalism is, I’ll introduce myself. 243 more words


5 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Could be the Best Decision of your Life

Studying in SP Jain School of Global Management has been one of the highlights of my life so far. The tri city experience has been nothing but amazing. 513 more words


Busy bee

I’m trying to work on writing closer to the time things actually happen.

This week I received a care package from my bible study back home. 348 more words

Digital Painting

Was bored in my Queer Politics class, started playing around on Photoshop. I’ve never actually drawn anything on Photoshop–aside from a circle–and for some reason my brushes weren’t working. 271 more words


Let's be practical

An important issue I think I should touch on is practicality.

I know we can all dream. We love to dream. It is what gives us our best ideas, our visions for the future and motivation to achieve this. 313 more words


It's almost Halloween

In the words of R.L. Stine, “Reader beware, you’re in for a scare.”

I mean, I won’t be scaring you, but this is spooky stuff coming up since it’s officially one week until Halloween. 119 more words