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The Wheel

I think… therefore I like to talk… Please challenge my ideas, not my punctuation, and comment as much as you would like. After all, physically speaking, I am only human and most certainly will make statements that can be argued. 960 more words


Welcome to my blog!

First, I would just like to welcome you all to my blog! My name is Chandler Higgins, I am a college freshman, this is my first attempt at a blog and I hope that it works out well for the both of us. 465 more words


It's Not About Me

It was the assurance I needed for the moment. We put our game faces on and pretended everything was normal when we got back for the family dinner. 541 more words

Monday. I think monday is the day of the week that doesn’t give us a lot of stress since we only have 2 classes (Filipino & English) 837 more words

Pilot Day

It’s typically an odd surprise when I discover something new about myself. You think you know yourself perfectly and totally, but that’s rarely the case. As an aspiring anthropologist, learning new things about people- particularly myself- is always interesting. 564 more words


Do I Believe?

The other day I was driving home and I started getting this nervous, sinking feeling in my stomach. Sort of like that dooming feeling you get before something really bad happens and it’s just your gut telling you to prepare for it in the only way it knows how. 571 more words