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I am never good with beginnings. I didn’t even know how we started. If you are wondering why so sudden, it’s just this weird notion in my head that you get to know people without the barriers and all. 672 more words


300 Smart Words You Should Know

  1. Abate – cause to become smaller or less intense.
  2. Aberrant – departing from an accepted standard.
  3. Abeyance – a state of temporary disuse or suspension.
  4. 2,987 more words

Melo Trimble Returning to Maryland for Junior Season

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — Maryland guard Melo Trimble announced late Wednesday night he has withdrawn his name from consideration for the NBA Draft and will return for his junior season. 280 more words


Media Objectivity

Four days before the national elections and the Filipinos are all tuned in for the latest news concerning their bets. It is through the news that the people will have knowledge of the issues and campaign platforms of the candidates that will help them decide who to vote for in the elections. 451 more words


Presidentiables complete in final debate

All presidential candidates were present in the third and final presidential debate last April 24 at the University of Pangasinan in Dagupan City. At the beginning of the debate, they were asked how they envision the Philippines six years from now. 531 more words


Definition of Success from a Twenty-Five-Year-Old Failure

The age of twenty-five is pretty cool. You are four years older than the twenty-one’s and four years younger than the twenty-nine’s. You are basically in the middle mark of not acting childish yet not assuming that you are already a grown-up adult. 710 more words


Professors, students, expressed distaste on “rape joke”

A viral video clip of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte “joking” about rape collected different reactions not only from his rivals but also from the academe. 473 more words