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Why a degree doesn't automatically equal intelligence

Earning something is never bad.

However, demanding superiority for it is wrong. 478 more words


Simplify Your Life: 100 Reasons To Slow Down And Enjoy The Things That Matter - For The College Student #3

Hi! So, if you have read my “about me”, then you would know that I am a college student, starting my second year this fall majoring in dietetics! 278 more words

What's in my college bag?

Hi everyone! I commute everyday to my college. It takes me an hour to get here and another one to go back. Needless to say I need a lot of things to get through the day but also I can’t be carrying a suitcase around. 259 more words


365 Challenge: Day 133 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Christmas-town in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania, home of Moravian College, where I went to school for four years

Sunday posts, the end of each week, have become a theme on This-Is-My-Truth-Now, organized by groups of five (5). 1,401 more words

365 Day Challenge

UPDATE : Summary of the Last Year + what I learnt from my first year at Uni

Hello again :)

So what HAVE I actually been up to over the last year ??? If you want the short answer …so much !! However if you want the painfully long winded and detailed version then stick around folks ;) 402 more words


5 things people never tell you about being 22...


Pressure to have everything figured out. Pressure to be engaged, married, or even having kids. Pressure to have a big girl job. Pressure… 928 more words