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Her name in my mouth

Please remind me where I met you

copper-blushed girl.

Perforated brown leaves

coloring your eyes –

The black satin strands

falling down on your shoulders. 36 more words

Naruto Runs

It’s news like this that makes me wish I was in college again.  While I went to a college where a majority of us were big Anime nerds, at no point did we ever come up with something like this. 203 more words

Life after college isn't easy.

Adjusting to life after college is very difficult. Although many might find it a relief to not be in a classroom or to have assignments, I find this state to be ever so bizarre. 674 more words

Day 40

I had lots of work today, so I almost forgot about my blog! But I’m here! My only bookish news is that I have been addicted to wishlisting everything on Overdrive and I just got approved for… 41 more words

Square One

September 21, 2017

Would it be blasphemous to say that I actually look forward to seeing you now?

So many questions! So much to think about. 223 more words


Stalkers, Beware!

On Tuesday I realized something—my history classes, when they end, feel like the ending of a weekly television drama.  They’re so interesting!  I’ve never been so interested in history classes.  1,049 more words