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Illinois peeps, check out - Dorms You’ll Never See on the Campus Tour

Colleges may be caught up in the amenities arms race, but most have a few residence halls that are, well, dumps. The most loathed on their campuses? 14 more words


Get 3 College Application Fee Waivers During Virginia Private College Week (July 27 - August 1)

College Coach Michelle – News You Should Know!

2015 Virginia Private College Week (July 27-August 1)

The 2015 Virginia Private College Week will be held Monday, July 27 through Saturday, August 1. 691 more words


American families spent 16% more on college this year

Americans say they spent 16% more on college expenses during the 2014-15 school year than the year before, according to Sallie Mae’s annual “How Americans pay for college” 74 more words


Jeffrey Doucet: Our student governments are a mess

Again this week, student unions made headlines for all the wrong reasons. In Waterloo, some student leaders were up to their regular childish behaviour of fighting with the campus newspaper and banning students and journalists from attending public board meetings. 636 more words

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Illinois peeps, check out - To Prevent Sexual Assault, Start Early

Comprehensive sexuality education has to start well before college, when it’s already too late.. via NYT Opinion http://ift.tt/1De1052


Americans have a record $248 billion in 529 college savings accounts

They amount of money in the savings plans grew to a record $248 billion in 2014, about 9% more than the previous year.

People are starting to… 92 more words


Struggling With "College Fit?" Knowing A School's Mission Can Help

There’s lots of talk about “college fit” these days (the idea that students do better at schools that are best in tune with their academic, philosophical and personal needs), but sometimes a lot of questions around college fit can be answered by asking a seemingly simple question: 651 more words