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3 ways to fix those meetings

Every academic I know loathes meetings. Loathes them.

They view meetings as obstacles to (rather than elements of) work, wasted time, forced upon them, and – even worse – as forums for awful colleagues to showcase their awfulness. 1,273 more words

Research Culture

Faculty as a Learning Community

Anup K Singh, PhD

An educational institution is in the enterprise of generating and disseminating knowledge. It is expected to impart the latest knowledge and to develop most desired employability skills, using appropriate and effective pedagogies. 1,177 more words


Life in the Accelerated Academy: anxiety thrives, demands intensify and metrics hold the tangled web together.

“At all career stages, though perhaps most harmfully amongst PhD students and early career researchers, a sense of commitment to a calling helps license acquiescence to precarious and exploitative labour relations which make a lie of the ideal of collegiality still alluded to within the academy.” … 17 more words


Peer Co-authoring: My Case for Academic Collaboration

“Publish or perish” is a common expression in academia.  PhD holders must achieve the required number of publications between the time of appointment to a tenure-track position and turning in the dossier to the Promotion and Tenure committee or risk restarting a grueling job search.  680 more words


(#254) The “Five Ps” of New Employee Mentoring

Does your organization effectively “on-board” new team members?

This semester I had a wonderful opportunity to mentor a first-year full-time professor on our campus. And since our campus does not have a formal new faculty mentoring program, we kind of “made up” our own “program” along the way.  509 more words

Personal Wellbeing

Can blogging be a hobby?

It is ironic that I’m writing this blogpost on whether blogging can be a hobby at 11pm on a Saturday night when I’m technically on annual leave for a week. 872 more words

Research Culture

Draft Day

I’d like to tell you about the movie Draft Day.  I liked it a lot.  I don’t think anyone else did.  The critics didn’t, for sure.  1,322 more words