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Fit and Collegial Expectations: Assistant Professor Maysaa Barakat

Did I tell you I am a baseball fan and that living in Florida near the Spring Training sites of the Marlins, Cardinals, and Mets is like living in Paradise? 1,119 more words

Educational Leadership

Do it because you can

I tried to let this particular white-hot rage die down. But it won’t.

So, hopefully, here’s a constructive post built from the foundations of my infuriation. 1,067 more words

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Write Up (#MelbWriteUp)

Jason Murphy is Senior Research Communications Advisor at the Graduate Research School (GRS), La Trobe University. He created and manages Melbourne’s Write Up (#melbwriteup).

Jason works full-time and is undertaking his PhD part-time, … 716 more words

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What makes a good colleague?

Many people lament the growing scarcity of collegiality in our working lives. Many declare, in varying shades of purple prose, that it has been sacrificed on the altar of economic rationalism and for the missions of our managerial universities. 1,001 more words

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Consummating the marriage

Everybody knows what it means to “consummate” a marriage, right? It means to “complete” it; to bring it to its highest state.[1] That’s what the words mean anyway. 2,075 more words

Love And Marriage


Setting up a blog should not be this complex!  Although I am not the “tech-iest” person around, I can follow directions and have some sense of intuitive process.   238 more words

When did you become a teacher?

There is quite a bit of talk, research and debate about teacher professional growth. Whether it’s in regards to what types of training a young proto-teacher should undergo, or what induction experience they should have upon entering a school, or how many hours of “learning” (PD) they should have to undergo once they land a job, the discussion often – painfully often – boils down to: how much will it cost? 488 more words

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