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Following the Seam

The brothers Dennies, William, Joseph and second great grandfather Henry all lived at Bagworth, Leicestershire in 1851. They had moved from Moira, another mining village, but just when and why? 290 more words


Labour Movement

Today’s high levels of home ownership have reduced elasticity in the jobs market. That is to say that people who have mortgages, especially in negative equity, are less able to move to other parts of the country than the overwhelming majority of working class people in the nineteenth century, who rented overcrowded housing (by modern standards). 490 more words

Family History

Just William

How to find the parents of John Brown.

I found via FamilySearch (FS) three candidates baptized at All Saints, Wellington, Shropshire:

1. 23 Feb 1806, son of Benj Brown & Eliz. 259 more words

Family History

Gas Peril at Blantyre ferme

Thursday 15th November 1928 was a sad day at Blantyre Ferme Colliery. An accumulation of gas in the virgin coal seamĀ at Blantyre Ferme Colliery resulted in the death of one miner and injury to several others. 138 more words


Woman Doctors Pluck

On Sunday 6th January 1929, a woman descended into the far bottom depths of Blantyre Ferme Colliery for the first time. What a story she had to tell and will be remembered for her heroism. 462 more words

Blantyre People

A million people like FB ghost hunt

You know that satisfying feeling when you post something on Facebook and the ‘likes’ just keep coming?

For Haun7ed Live, a ghost hunting group based in the London Borough of Sutton, the like-o-meter went into overdrive on July 19 when they hosted a live ghost vigil and attracted over one million viewers. 73 more words


Income and Expenditure

In Childhood Misdemeanours a man named Joseph Chadburn, employed as a miner at Moira’s Bath Pit, was fined three shillings (3s.) for scrumping.

I have now discovered that the Children’s Employment Commission (Mines) of 1842 investigated the pay scales at that very pit, so we can see how the fine related to his pay and household expenses. 557 more words

Family History