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One of the joys of travelling around this country is coming across something completely incongruous, something you’d imagine to be completely out of keeping with its surroundings. 1,149 more words


Possible Samuel Roes

My mother’s maternal grandfather was Samuel J Roe, born 6 March 1862 in Devon, England. We know nothing of his parents or other family, and family lore may be lies or exaggerations. 921 more words

Blogging 101

1962 Blantyreferme Brickworks (Drift)

On 3rd February 2015, I was contacted by Ayrshire man Alistair Hastings who shared this colourful photo. Alistair told me, “Hi Paul. I thought that you might like this photograph, which I think is Blantyre Ferme Colliery. 165 more words

Blantyre Places

Firedamp Alarm at Blantyreferme

Wednesday 6th January 1937 gave the miners a real scare at Blantyreferme Colliery 3. Whilst 3oo miners dashed to the safety of the surface after firedamp had been discovered in the colliery, one man failed to respond to the alarm signal and was tragically suffocated. 38 more words

Blantyre Events

1962 Blantyreferme Collieries

Pictured here in 1962 by the grandfather of Alistair Hastings, is Blantyreferme Collieries 1&2. The vantage point is from the top of the bing and looks towards the North East. 46 more words

Blantyre Places

Clydach Lakes

The top end of Cwm Clydach looks starkly different today to how it did half a century ago. Where previously the Cambrian Colliery dominated the valley: a bustling hub of industry employing hundreds of men, now the upper valley is a tranquil spot for nature lovers and a memorial is all that’s left to signify that there ever was a Colliery. 372 more words


Image by Christine Renney 2015