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The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back is a 2010 film by Peter Weir about a group of men who manage to escape from a gulag in Siberia and walk all the way to India. 547 more words


Why All the Bad News About True Detective is Actually Good News

Like all television shows that appeal to the intellectual and the obsessive, True Detective has gathered itself a menagerie of obsessive fans, the sort that remind you that… 1,225 more words


True Detective Season Two will not be an occult story

After the amazing success of True Detective’s first season, many of us have been waiting to see what the show will bring next. We were told early on that Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson would not be returning. 337 more words



The first season of True Detective Season 1 was amazing. With all the Super Hero rubbish that Hollywood is trying to stuff down our throats I really loved the way this series was directed and yesss…I will also say that Matthew Mcconaughey’s acting was brilliaint. 106 more words


Winter's Tale

Year: 2014

Length: 118 Minutes

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10


In 1895, a couple of immigrant is not allowed to entry into the United States because the man has tuberculosis (a.k.a.

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Energize and detonate!

Jemima watched a lot of television. It helped her color the dullness painted reality in which she existed. And that is what she was doing, existing, not much more. 1,059 more words


Actor Collin Farrell asks his fellow Irish citizens to support gay rights

I’m not a huge Collin Farrell fan, but this letter is really touching. Via Sunday World.

My brother Eamon didn’t choose to be gay. Yes, he chose to wear eyeliner to school and that probably wasn’t the most pragmatic response to the daily torture he experienced at the hands of school bullies.

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