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Wildrose demands NDP government make improvements to Alberta's most dangerous highways

The Wildrose Party is calling on the NDP to develop an action plan to make improvements to what they say are Alberta’s deadliest highways.

The party has released a new… 107 more words


Admiralty jurisdiction over torts in the UK’s EEZ.

Virgin Media Ltd v Joseph Whelan T/A M and J Fish EWHC 1380 Admlty is an interesting decision on whether the Admiralty Court has jurisdiction in personam over a tort claim arising in the exclusive economic zone of the United Kingdom.   470 more words

How to Drive Chicago: Go Flashing 

22. Drive. My wife mentioned the other day that my recent blog entries have drifted away from my supposed main theme of city driving. Fine. You want driving? 223 more words

Be Cool

Introduction to Impact Dynamics: the ideal collision when playing pool

While I was playing pool the other day, I remembered a lesson that I learned during my time at the University of Seville as well as at Cranfield University. 667 more words

Materials Science

Explosion and Collision

A space probe explodes in flight into three equal portions. One portion continues along the original line of flight. The other two go off in directions each inclined at 60º to the original path. 131 more words

Solved Physics Problems

The LHC is starting another year of high-energy physics

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Believe it or not, particle physics has a season, just like baseball. Running a massive particle collider takes a lot of energy, so operators schedule downtime for periods when local energy demand tends to be high. 324 more words