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Ayuh, That’s Wicked Good: A Guide To Maine Slang

As a Mainer, born and raised, this time of year has always been synonymous with one thing: outta statahs, otherwise known as people “from away” or “summer people.” When I was a kid, they were mostly irksome because they took all the good spots at the beach, the one that I had free reign of from the months of about November-May, but those weren’t ideal months for swimming. 1,621 more words

This World and One More

“What that boy done was the furtherest thing I could imagine. Lawd, Lawd, this world and one more.”

The eighth decade of her life finds her living alone for the first time.  607 more words


The Glasgow I Used To Know

This blog is about life on the south east coast of Scotland, but this anonymous poem about Glasgow (in the west) was so well written and incorporated so many memories that I thought I would post it. 320 more words


Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine

Are you familiar with these good old Southern phrases and how to use them?

“Bless your heart”  means I was “raised right” and can’t call you a dumbass to your face. 167 more words


Really, I'm Fine

These things are sent to try us. When it rains it pours. This too shall pass. All things for a reason. Yada yada.

Sometimes life seems to run roughshod over your best intentions. 82 more words


Say What?

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hit the headlines in June 2009 when he uttered the colloquial saying: ‘Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate’. At the time, there was a lot of conjecture about what it meant and whether this was an ‘authentic’ saying of Mr Rudd’s or more a cynical ploy to ‘connect’ with people. 509 more words


Karen's Conundrum - Stalled on the Road to Homonymy

After thirty-nine consecutive days of editing countless pages of legal nonsense, gobbledygook, gibberish, galimatias; listening to pompous attorneys and egomaniacal experts spout meaningless ipse dixitisms, as soon as I resumed my journey on the Road to Homonymy, I ran out of gas. 408 more words

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