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Sometimes I wish I wrote Science Fiction .....

I love historical fiction. I love reading it and I love writing it. But sometimes – it is frustrating. Even though it is fiction, I am determined to be as historically accurate as possible – including the right colloquial language. 73 more words


My Favorite Words of Okie Speak

It’s nice to return to blogging. It’s already an exercise in tightening up my skills. Writing the title of this article was a challenge. Titles and subtitles and headlines are a challenge for me. 803 more words


How many writers does it take to change a light bulb?

Hey, gang! Mae Clair here to talk about light bulbs and, well, you’ll see…

I’m a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania. Central Pennsylvania to be precise. We don’t have accents (well, unless you venture into Dutch Country), but I’ve come to realize we do use terms and phrases that sometimes leave others scratching their heads. 428 more words

Mae Clair

Prit' near

prit’near: Something that is very like something else; something that is close in time or space to something else. Likely derived from “pretty near.”

exempli gratia: … 23 more words


Mama Lost Her Marbles

After a quick rap, I just walk right on in and straight back to the kitchen. I know that’s where Zilla’ll be.

“Plum smells mightly fine back here! 316 more words

Straw Hat

Legal English Lost in Translation: Is There an App for That?

By: Cassandra DeCoste

Languages are living entities whose lives depend on the breath of their fluent speakers.[1] The total number of living languages today rounds to 7,100. 1,594 more words

International Law

Mind the Gap

Do you speak English? I’m not referring to the English language in general but to the English spoken across the pond. Last weekend my husband and I had a delightful sojourn in England to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday. 387 more words