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Head Scratchers

Our parents were masters of firing phrases at us that made us stop and scratch our heads – at least, the first time we heard it. 368 more words


Crack the Winda and Cut the Lights

We owned a prescription for the languid days and close nights of summer in 1960’s rural Georgia. I dare say you may still find people filling it up and down red clay byroads and sandy lanes even now. 611 more words


Gift o' the Gab

The Scots language – interpretation always needed but rarely offered.

Speech problems were rife. Lisps, stutters, cleft palates, and deviated septums: throw them all together with the Scottish accent and any tourist would be in trouble. 529 more words



Maybe it’s like just me, like,

I’m weird, or like, not cool, or just, like, not… I don’t know, like . But.. like,

if I have to spend, like, the rest of my, like, … 60 more words

Deep Questions

Karen's Conundrum - The Idiomatic Idiom and the Coquettish Colloquialism

The Idiomatic Idiom and the Coquettish Colloquialism

This past month I have had my serving platter-sized plate heaped with close to two thousand pages of trial and deposition testimony. 799 more words

Copy Editor Advice

What is your favourite Hong Kong slang?

Cantonese is known for its colourful colloquialisms. What are your favourite Hong Kong slang expressions? What do they mean? When would you use them? What are the equivalent expressions in English? 300 more words

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