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Diary of a Scorpio Female 

17 January 2016

Wee early morning hours in London and it began to snow! Being from south central Texas, I haven’t seen snow for 18+ years! 333 more words

Grub Line Runners

Fellas who would spend the winter moving from one farm or ranch to the next, doing an odd job here and there, just enough for a meal and a place to sleep until it was time to move on to the next. 50 more words


Grammar is not a lost art … so why is teaching it such a challenge?

The Grammar Debate

The grammar debate is never ending. Should we waste our precious time – and our children’s time – by teaching grammar in schools? 952 more words


Foods You Can Only Get in Certain Places and Regionalisms

On a recent trip to Michigan, producer Dan and his friends were ordering out and had the option to get a wet burrito which is a burrito smothered in enchilada sauce. 51 more words

Nick Digilio

Book review: Dictionary of American Idioms (Barron's Dictionary of American Idioms)

Some slang is quite interesting, but I found some to be offensive without being attached with a disclaimer whatsoever. For example, “for a coon’s age” meaning “for a long time” is covered among other slang expressions in the book. 21 more words

Book Reviews

Editing Tip #104 - The Split Infinitive (Not What You Thought!)

How picky should you be about certain “Grammar Rules?” What if I told you there was never a rule that told writers, “Splitting infinitives is wrong?” 327 more words

M.J. Moores