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Grub Line Runners

Fellas who would spend the winter moving from one farm or ranch to the next, doing an odd job here and there, just enough for a meal and a place to sleep until it was time to move on to the next. 50 more words


Grammar is not a lost art … so why is teaching it such a challenge?

The Grammar Debate

The grammar debate is never ending. Should we waste our precious time – and our children’s time – by teaching grammar in schools? 952 more words


Foods You Can Only Get in Certain Places and Regionalisms

On a recent trip to Michigan, producer Dan and his friends were ordering out and had the option to get a wet burrito which is a burrito smothered in enchilada sauce. 51 more words

Nick Digilio

Book review: Dictionary of American Idioms (Barron's Dictionary of American Idioms)

Some slang is quite interesting, but I found some to be offensive without being attached with a disclaimer whatsoever. For example, “for a coon’s age” meaning “for a long time” is covered among other slang expressions in the book. 21 more words

Book Review

Editing Tip #104 - The Split Infinitive (Not What You Thought!)

How picky should you be about certain “Grammar Rules?” What if I told you there was never a rule that told writers, “Splitting infinitives is wrong?” 327 more words

M.J. Moores