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English Idioms 61-80

61. Miss the boat/bus

Meaning: To miss a chance or opportunity

For example: “If you don’t pay attention in class, you’ll miss the boat and do badly on your exams.” 789 more words


English Idioms 41-60

41. Hit the nail on the head

Origin: The analogy is simple while hammering in a nail, you would want to hit it on its head to get the desired result. 1,041 more words


English Idioms 21-40

21. Cut corners: 

Meaning: to take shortcuts; to save money or effort by finding the easiest way to do something

For Example: “Don’t cut corners when learning a new language.” 1,145 more words


Idioms & Expressions with Negative & Indefinite Words

It’s been awhile since I did an idioms post. Here’s one that is specific with negative and indefinite words.

Expressions with jamais:

  • jamais deux sans trois | Misfortunes always come in threes…
  • 293 more words

English Idioms 1-20

Welcome to the start of English Idiom Week #1. I am so excited to share with you over 100 English idioms over the next two weeks. 1,281 more words


Speaking Fluent Spanish-ishly

Apart from moving far from family, friends and traditional opportunities to work, a challenge of moving abroad is learning the language and local customs…but it’s also one of the fun parts too if the stress doesn’t tweak us out.   1,082 more words

General Stresses

A Brand New Verb

There’s a new verb to add to your lexicon. I found out about it this morning while reading my iPhone’s news feed. The verb is “phubbing.” 259 more words