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The Day I Got the Wog?!

The Day I Got the Wog

Before we take offence, let us recall that the usage of colloquial and slang words changes over time.  In ‘Ozzieland’ (Australia) back in the day, when this little poem from my childhood was written, the word “wog” had at least two popular connotations.   255 more words


zombie: A term used for men who joined the Army as the war was approaching its end. It was assumed these men were joining only to claim the income and benefits of being in the military without the danger of abeing involved in active combat. 14 more words


Converting to Folksy

I have grown up enamored by folksy colloquialisms. My friend’s dad once said of the rain, “it’s like a cow pissing on a flat rock.” This type of simple-yet-beautiful metaphor captured my imagination.There’s nothing more charming to me than when someone casually drops something akin to, “that dog won’t hunt,” in a conversation. 419 more words


Being British

Briticism n. An idiom used in Britain but not in other English-speaking countries.

Everyone at home joked about me bringing back a British accent after studying abroad but in all truth, it’s not the accent you need to worry about; it’s the colloquialisms. 1,661 more words


3 Things In Spanish That Sound Stupid In English

Have you ever tried translating directly from one language to another in a sincere effort at effective communication and got blank stares instead of agreeable nods? 324 more words