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Book review: Dictionary of American Idioms (Barron's Dictionary of American Idioms)

Some slang is quite interesting, but I found some to be offensive without being attached with a disclaimer whatsoever. For example, “for a coon’s age” meaning “for a long time” is covered among other slang expressions in the book. 21 more words

Book Review

Editing Tip #104 - The Split Infinitive (Not What You Thought!)

How picky should you be about certain “Grammar Rules?” What if I told you there was never a rule that told writers, “Splitting infinitives is wrong?” 327 more words

M.J. Moores

The Uncertain Boundaries of Modern English

Did you know that the word ‘bants’ has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary? When I first read this online, I initially thought it was someone’s poor attempt at some ‘bants’ (banter, in other words). 780 more words


Language Files Part 1: Spanish and Bullfighting

Languages take loan words and phrases for many reasons. Some languages, like English, sneak in the middle of the night and steal words, and bring them into a creepy woodshed in the backyard, and in a shakedown proceed to change their pronunciation to fit the toolbox of a long vowel-rich, dipthong-ridden tongue. 1,437 more words


The Day I Got the Wog?!

The Day I Got the Wog

Before we take offence, let us recall that the usage of colloquial and slang words changes over time.  In ‘Ozzieland’ (Australia) back in the day, when this little poem from my childhood was written, the word “wog” had at least two popular connotations.   255 more words