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Vera's Last Night

Y’all know that spooky look faces take on when sitting around a fire at night? Well I guess as good as I can recall that’s how we all looked. 736 more words

Straw Hat

Potayto, Potahto, Tomayto, Tomahto

hAn extraordinarily brief comparison between parallel English and Spanish idioms

When I first came to Costa Rica in 2013, I had never before studied Spanish in an immersion setting. 538 more words

English Language Colloquial Expressions 101.

Nothing says “I hate my brain” quite like trying to explain English language colloquialisms to a non-native-English-speaking person. I suck at it, anyway.

You could probably spend your whole life learning a second language if you’re after facility with all of its informal expressions. 460 more words

Random Silliness


COLLOQUIALISMS ARE here today and gone tomorrow. But like this temporal analysis, some remain. A little research and some thinking revealed several gems of both categories, which follow in no particular order. 493 more words

I Usta Be An Editor Y'Know

Words I Never Knew Existed.... Until My Students Said Them

They seem to speak in entirely their own lingo, don’t they? With every generation comes another load of colloquialisms. Some words that you may even already know exist, but now have entirely new meanings. 513 more words


French Idioms Lesson 2

Here’s your second idioms lesson!

Donner un coup de main

Idiomatic meaning: to give a helping hand.

Literal Meaning: to give a hand knock.

Here’s how you can use it: 20 more words


French Idioms Lesson 1

Just as learning verbs, nouns, vocabulary, etc. is important to learning a new language, so is learning idiomatic expressions whose meanings cannot be translated literally. In addition to my weekly posts, I will be sharing an idioms post every week, for as many as I can find. 32 more words