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All About 'Bon'

Today’s post is all about colloquialisms with the word Bon. We all know that “bon” is an adjective that means “good” or “nice”, but it is also used in different ways in conversation. 309 more words


Cat Got Your Tongue

“My husband never does the dishes, he eats plenty but never does the dishes! He also won’t go grocery shopping! I have to set the trash in front of the door to get him to take it out. 243 more words

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The Pronoun 'Moi'

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on colloquialisms. So here’s a new one! We’re going to take a further look into the pronoun ‘moi’ in this post. 211 more words


Vera's Last Night

Y’all know that spooky look faces take on when sitting around a fire at night? Well I guess as good as I can recall that’s how we all looked. 736 more words

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Potayto, Potahto, Tomayto, Tomahto

hAn extraordinarily brief comparison between parallel English and Spanish idioms

When I first came to Costa Rica in 2013, I had never before studied Spanish in an immersion setting. 538 more words

English Language Colloquial Expressions 101.

Nothing says “I hate my brain” quite like trying to explain English language colloquialisms to a non-native-English-speaking person. I suck at it, anyway.

You could probably spend your whole life learning a second language if you’re after facility with all of its informal expressions. 460 more words

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