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The Original TiT's Season 2 TNG review

So, I embarked on my TNG Season 2 quest with marked trepidation. My head had been filled with somewhat negative thoughts (“Dr Crusher isn’t in it”; “just get through it – it gets WAY better mid-Season 3”), so my expectations admittedly weren’t very high. 1,563 more words

Trekkies In Training

"STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE" RETROSPECT: (5.04) "Nor the Battle to the Strong"

“STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE” RETROSPECT: (5.04) “Nor the Battle to the Strong”

It has been a long time since I have watched an episode of “STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE”. 1,246 more words


The Best Irish Movies You Will Ever See

I have to admit I am slightly biased as I love anything Irish. Saying that, we have produced some brilliant movies for such a small nation. 541 more words


Fun Stuff #2 - I suppose a ride is out of the question?

Had a bit of fun acting the eejit on this clip from my application video.  Thanks to the fantastic Roddy Doyle, Colm Meaney and Ruth McCabe for this brilliant clip from the movie “The Snapper”, which I chose to interpret from an alternative perspective!  16 more words

Irish-American comedy The Yank to be released on DVD March 6th 2015

Bulldog Film Distribution are delighted to announce that hilarious Irish-American romantic comedy The Yank, the debut film from director Sean Lackey, will be released on DVD on March 6th 2015. 362 more words

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Where The Devil Hides (The Devil's Hand)

Where the Devil Hides, known in the US as The Devil’s Hand, has a strong start with a prophecy foreshadowing the arrival of the devil’s hand via 6 girls born on the 6th day of the 6th month. 387 more words


Colm Meaney & Charlotte Nicdao Join Syfy's 'Childhood's End' Miniseries

Hell On Wheels’ star Colm Meaney and Charlotte Nicdao (Please Like Me, Camp, Slap ) have been cast in Syfy’s Childhood’s End, a six-hour miniseries based on Arthur C. 100 more words