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Young William Shakespeare TNT Pilot 'Will' Casts Colm Meaney & Mattias Inwood

Colm Meaney (Hell On Wheels) and Mattias Inwood have booked regular roles on Will, TNT’s drama pilot chronicling the 20s of William Shakespeare. 278 more words


Deep Space Nine e01s17: "The Foresaken"

An odd, primarily personal, and gently endearing episode, whose main point is that it features as guest star – guest? the woman practically takes over – Majel Barratt, widow of Gene Roddenberry, and the only actor to be involved with every version of… 809 more words

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NORM OF THE NORTH (2016) review

written by: Steven M. Altiere, Daniel R. Altiere and Malcolm T. Goldman
produced by: Nicolas Atlan, Ken Katsumoto, Steve Rosen, Liz Young, Mike Young, Steven M. 1,264 more words

Deep Space Nine: s01e14 - The Storyteller

                                                 She looks different now

I was quietly impressed by my latest Deep Space Nine re-run, to the point where I’d describe it as probably the best episode to date since the Pilot. 987 more words

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Now that the FA Cup “proper” is upon us, I am starting to feel nostalgic. The funny thing is, my feelings of nostalgia are for an era that occured decades before I started watching football on a regular basis. 536 more words


Childhood's End's Is Like a Great Twilight Zone Episode Which Actually Predates the Twilight Zone

At the start of its new three-night mini-series Childhood’s End, SyFy ran the following disclaimer: “In 1954, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel that influenced science fiction for decades to come.  1,309 more words

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AMFARH 035 - Trivia Quest!

On this episode, our heroes engage in an epic Dungeons & Dragons style role-playing quest — and this time, the battles are fought not by rolling dice, but by answering pop culture trivia questions. 58 more words