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Macau: Portuguese Egg Tart

Last month, I went on a 2-day & 1-night trip from Hong Kong to Macau via high-speed ferry.

Even though Macau is no longer a Portuguese colony, you can still see the Portuguese influence in their cuisine to this day. 144 more words


Macau, Coloane village

Once a sea salt farming town before the Portuguese arrival is quiet, unassuming but charming. For me, there is just one reason to linger here. Nothing really serious but the bakery of its fame, Lord Stow’s, famous for the Egg Tart. 177 more words


Coloane Treatment Center

Work continues at the new Coloane Treatment Center. The interior of the building is almost completed and cleaning has begun.

Testing and commissioning of all the center’s systems is underway as the handover date is near. 32 more words


The A-Ma and Tin Hau Temples in Macau

Chinese folk religion is extraordinarily complicated. On almost every street corners or hidden in a back alley, specially in the southwest China and in Hong Kong and Macao, there is a temple or a shrine dedicated to one of the myriad of gods like Kuan Ti (关帝), Pak Tai (北帝), Tin Hau (天后), Wenchang (文昌), Mazu (媽祖), Na Cha (哪吒), Kum Lam (觀音), Tam Kung (譚公), Kui Xing (魁星), Dou Mou (斗母), Huang Di (黃帝), who populate the pantheon Chinese folk religion. 824 more words


Around Macau in 12 hours, part 2

One post wasn’t enough to showcase my appreciation for Macau, even though I only had one day to explore the place, so here’s the follow-up detailing the different regions of Macau that I visited during my stay and of course, food! 1,125 more words