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Eggy goodness, thank the Lord

At first, I thought Lord Stow’s Bakery might be one of the places where the hype out-ran the product. In my quest for the truth, I gained a little weight. 213 more words


Alto de Coloane

Just south of the Seac Pai Van Park, you will find a winding road Estrada do Alto de Coloane which takes you to the Coloane Peak, the highest point in Macau at about 170m above sea level.  137 more words


Seac Pai Van Park

Most visitors to the Seac Pai Van Park would come hoping to see the 2 giant pandas housed in the pavilion at the centre of the park, but this was closed the day V and I found ourselves in this neck of the woods (in a manner of speaking, since this place is really quiet compared to the rest of Macau), so we explored the rest of the park, which is a mini zoo and botanical garden. 24 more words


Coloane Village

Another blog post, another island in Macau. Coloane is, to me, the oldest and calmest of them all. There was no hustle, no bustle, no casino in sight(!) though the suffocating heat reminded us we didn’t actually go far.  42 more words


The Magic of Macau

Macau is 31 square kilometres of magic. This tiny peninsula in southern China may be a stone’s throw from Hong Kong but it couldn’t be more unique and, well, magical. 344 more words


Macau: Where have all the gamblers gone?

First time visitors to Macau are astonished by the widespread building works. Even frequent visitors can’t help marvel at building on an epic scale. I first went to Macau in 1996 when it was a sleepy Portuguese colony. 578 more words


Macau, Taipa and Coloane, China - March 2015

From Macau’s casino chaos and smog to Portuguese architecture overlaid with Chinese color, Portuguese food (egg tarts :-) ) and the far more peaceful and appealing enclaves of Taipa and Coloane… 2,496 more words