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How Colocation Data Centres Use Modern Technology?

Colocation services mainly provide physical security, power, building, and cooling to the consumer who issues the servers and storage. The area of these services are either rented or leased according to the room, cage, cabinet or the rack. 660 more words

Colocation Services

How Colocation Helps Businesses with Need for Low Latency and Scalability

Colocation has helped many companies over the past few years to set up dynamic, scalable, high-speed, low latency and a competitive IT environment. Investing capital expenditure into… 470 more words

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Best Data Center Provider Based on Quality

Quality in all aspects of workforces are the first factor to consider before picking a data center provider. It will determine how good the staffs works in keeping your data safely, maintain it, and deliver anytime. 296 more words


Comparing Hybrid, Cloud, and Colocation Jakarta Server

Many people have been arguing and comparing cloud hosting and colocation hosting for their web and internet services. Some people even claimed that colocation Jakarta… 392 more words

Colocation Services

Understanding the Growth and Benefits of Colocation Services

Allen Lepke, Managed Services Product Manager

The demand for Colocation Services continues to grow globally, with the greatest amount in North America. According to a study done by Allied Market Research, ( 204 more words

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Colocation Server Indonesia Related Things to Take Note Of

It is something that is quite important for many big companies to get services that involve colocation server Indonesia today. It is because the services can actually bring benefits to big companies that use them since the services can make things easier for companies using them. 370 more words

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Colocation Offers Customer-Facing Content Solution

Installing a colocation provider in your company is the best choice when your company has urgent IT needs. Maximize the customer-facing contents value is a key of profits tactic and colocation providers work on that. 392 more words

Colocation Services