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Notes On Sparkling Cyanide

Rating: 4.3 out of five

Year of Publication: 1945

Motive for Murder: Wealth


Iris Marle reflects a tragic event nearly a year ago; the death of her elder sister, the attractive and extrovert Rosemary Barton. 2,289 more words


Notes On Death On The Nile

Rating: four out of five

Year of Publication: 1937

Motive for Murder: Wealth and Identity


On a Nile steamer a honeymoon couple are among other passengers; she is The Girl Who Has Everything and he simply the luckiest man. 2,707 more words

Hercule Poirot

Notes On Cards On The Table

Rating: 4.7 out of five

Year of Publication: 1936

Motive for Murder: Fear (of identification)

Plot: Eight people are invited to a small party. Four, according to the host, have got away with their crimes whilst the other four attendees are experts in crime. 2,737 more words

Agatha Christie

5. The Man in The Brown Suit

Brief Overview:

Anne Beddingfeld holds the clue to a mystery.  With the strange scrap of paper she discovered she can forge a link between a diamond robbery, an accidental death, a London tube station – and a murder in a remote country mansion!   142 more words


Cards on the Table

Rating: ****

Mr. Shaitana is no ordinary personality. He is a collector. Approaching Poirot one day, the Mephistopheles-like character invites him to a dinner party in which he will show case his unique collection – a collection of murderers; those murderers who have gotten away with their crimes. 307 more words


Agatha Christie Top Ten: #8. Cards on the Table

8. Cards on the Table (1936)

Hercule Poirot #14

In one room: Poirot and his friends play bridge. In the other: Mr. Shaitana and his exhibits play murder. 638 more words

Agatha Christie

"Agatha Christie's Poirot": Series Nine review

Review: “Agatha Christie’s Poirot”  – series 9 (2003 – 2004)

with David Suchet (Hercule Poirot)

written by Kevan Elyot, David Pirie and Nick Dear

Series Seven and Eight… 1,331 more words

Agatha Christie