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The Unboxening King of Fighters XIV Premium Edition

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The Unboxening King of Fighters XIV Premium Edition

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A Tale Of Two Parities

I had mentioned in my previous blog post dated 18 Aug 2016 that it would be better if the two very distinct grounds for re-fixing of OROP for pre Dec 2004 Lt Col veterans were represented on separately by individuals, groups and Associations. 246 more words


WTF is up with KFC's "Extra Crispy" Commercials?!?

About a month or so ago, KFC debuted a string of “Extra Crispy” commercials, highlighting their five-dollar fill-up boxes, and the extra crispy chicken preferred to the original recipe.   501 more words


Attending A Hearing By Hon'ble Judicial Committee On OROP

I spent a bit of time on the 16th August trying to ascertain from the telephone exchange at HQ WC the precise protocol to be followed for attending the OROP anomalies hearing announced in the press and on the DESW web-site. 1,001 more words


Of colonels and living under the sea

About three weeks ago I found myself pacing restlessly at midnight for a simple and very explainable reason: too much coffee. If I was to speak the truth about me and my inability to mix coffee and sleep you would find out how easy it is for me to drink a single cup and then stay awake for three days straight. 429 more words

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A Comparison Of OROP Pensions Fixed For Lt Col And Col(TS) With Pension For Lt Col Based On PB-4

This follows from the previous blog post.

If figures are studied for QS more than 26 years, a “zone” in which no Officer with a PC would have retired as Lt Col or Wg Cdr in the OROP base year of 2013, questions arise on what basis was the OROP was fixed for older Lt Col pensioners with service more than 26 years. 266 more words