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Wanted For 10000 Rupees (Part 1)

Yes, such a poster was put up all over Calcutta just a day after the murder of Calcutta Police Chief Inspector Fitzgerald who was only 32 when he died. 923 more words


Cruelty - The Women of Five Guns Blazing

The good times came when the masters slept or were away. The ugly returned when they woke or returned from their trips. While they were away were the times the slaves and indentured felt any semblance of freedom. 251 more words

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Happy independence day! <3

The essence of our freedom had its roots deeply dug in the soil of history which was cultivated with the spilling of innocent blood. The fruit of freedom which we enjoy today is very expensive but the sad part is that many people are not able to understand its price. 231 more words

Plain Thought

This U.K. Lawmaker Wants a Huge Diamond in the Queen's Crown Returned to India

In the midst of a recently reignited conversation about Great Britain’s colonial debt, particularly to India, one member of the country’s parliament has proposed a preliminary step in repaying the South Asian nation — … 306 more words

Colonial Backlash

Oxford University was set ablaze as former Union Minister, Shashi Tharoor set to remind Britain of its gory colonial past governing India to serve its own purpose for over two centuries. 135 more words

Chai Time

Watch This Indian Lawmaker Brilliantly Explain Why the U.K. Owes Reparations for Colonial Rule

India is commonly referred to as the world’s largest democracy, and the presence of democracy in the South Asian nation is commonly attributed to Great Britain, which unified its multiple princely states during nearly two centuries of colonial rule. 316 more words

Decolonization and Self-determination: Sorting out the Rationales

Editor’s Note:  Anh Van Vo, a Vietnamese national, came to GAPW from the University of Pennsylvania.  She is soon to return to Vietnam and then on to resume her studies in Singapore.   1,058 more words