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Explain De-urbanisation phenomenon during British rule

“In the late eighteenth century, Calcutta, Bombay and Madras rose in importance as Presidency cities. They became the centres of British power in the different regions of India. 99 more words




Britain’s relationship with her Indian colony was of political subordination and economic exploitation that continued for almost 200 years and finished with the independence of our country in 1947. 1,475 more words

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4 Incredible Facts About King Jaja of Opobo You Never Knew

Merchant prince, ruler and founder of Opobo city-state which is present day Rivers State. So much has been said so little is remembered about the boy slave who became a ruler… 126 more words


Of Portuguese rule in Sri Lanka

We often hear it said that Sri Lankans still carry with us a “colonial hangover “. This is true to a great extent but not surprising. 939 more words

The INDIAN-feriority Complex!

-I am watching the El Classico when my dad comes from behind and stares into the TV. Probably just to check out what I am watching, and to ensure if it is not Baywatch. 321 more words

Hypocrisy of the West (1/2)

I admit it. A huge trigger for this particular two-part post was Shashi Tharoor and his oratory genius. But now I recall in retrospect that I was taught an in-depth subject about this (well, not EXACTLY this). 489 more words

Hypocrisy of the West (2/2)

Taking it on from where I left it the last time…

Human Development Index: Probably the most blatant instances of hypocrisy are found here.

Post the world wars, the west went on a holier-than-thou rampage. 377 more words