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Con Dao's Museum

I’m not one for museums but decided to visit this one on the edge of Con Son, a ten minute walk away.

The museum was mainly about the incarceration and torture of the Vietnamese at the hands of the French colonial rulers followed by the U.S.A.’s puppet regime. 116 more words


How Did Colonial Rule Restructure the Gender Relations of Colonised People?

This article aims to evaluate the impact of colonial rule on the restructuring of gender relations with regards to Africa, paying specific attention to Ghana as a case study. 3,958 more words


I remember that time,
when our fore-fathers dignity and intergrity
were tied to their grey hairs
long years before those white men came-
and bought their tomorrow with their twin and cowries. 175 more words



The Asia Africa Conference met in April 1955 in the Gedung Merdeka Building in Bandung West Java Indonesia to discuss a new International Order which was neither communist nor capitalist. 394 more words


The Heart of Africa

Whoda thunk it? Investments and opportunities win over nations more than oppression, psy ops and forced dictatorships, oh yes, and slavery.

Pretty sneaky China.

“Indeed, the amount of investments made by China abroad is estimated to be $531 billion in  115 more words


Kampala's royal tombs

Photo courtesy: not not phil – Wikimedia.org

Because I didn’t keep records of my early travel, I recall little of Kampala except a visit to the Kasubi Royal Tombs. 159 more words


Beyond the Colonialists

Oppression of the native populace is one of the core precepts from which colonial rule draws its strength for long term sustenance. The main objective is to exploit resources of the colony while depriving the subjects their rightful access to them. 529 more words