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Kampala's royal tombs

Photo courtesy: not not phil – Wikimedia.org

Because I didn’t keep records of my early travel, I recall little of Kampala except a visit to the Kasubi Royal Tombs. 159 more words


Beyond the Colonialists

Oppression of the native populace is one of the core precepts from which colonial rule draws its strength for long term sustenance. The main objective is to exploit resources of the colony while depriving the subjects their rightful access to them. 529 more words


When the Lion has its Say: A Review of Parag Parobo’s New Book on Bandodkar and the Goan Bahujan


Parag Parobo, the author of India’s first Democratic Revolution: Dayanand Bandodkar and the Rise of the Bahujan in Goa, says that although the two scholarly narratives about Goa—Goa Dourada (the idea of a happy, or golden, empire) and Goa Indica (the nationalist idea which sees Goa as intrinsically Indian)—are commonly understood as conflicting, they actually have one fundamental thing in common: they both are the views of the Goan elite. 842 more words


Photo: GOOGLE Celebrates Nigeria @55

Ibrahim Adejumoh:

Today, 1st of October, 2015, Nigeria clocks 55years since she gained independence from colonial rule in 1960.

As the most populous black nation in the world, popular online platform, GOOGLE Inc. 12 more words

Contemporary News

Wanted For 10000 Rupees (Part 2)

Now it was a fact that during that time Calcutta Police was considered equivalent to the Scotland Yard in England. They could arrest anyone even with slight suspicion and were extremely merciless. 2,517 more words


Kenya unveils memorial to victims of torture, abuse during British rule

NAIROBI, Kenya – Thousands of Kenyans attended the inauguration Saturday of a monument that pays tribute to the victims of torture and ill-treatment during the emergency period of British rule. 260 more words


Wanted For 10000 Rupees (Part 1)

Yes, such a poster was put up all over Calcutta just a day after the murder of Calcutta Police Chief Inspector Fitzgerald who was only 32 when he died. 923 more words