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The Scottish Genocide

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Suggest that our Scotland, the place we share as our common home, is a colony and its people colonised and all holy hell breaks out. 1,151 more words


Boom in the Jungle: RIP Belgian Congo

In 1885 the king of Belgium, Leopold II, acquired a vast chuck of the heart of Africa as his own personal domain. It was called the Congo Free State and from the 1890s until its dissolution in 1908 there was much controversy in the West concerning the treatment of the indigenous peoples by Leopold’s administration. 1,766 more words


Gerald Taiaiake Alfred

Gerald Taiaiake Alfred is from Kahnawá:ke in the Mohawk Nation and is a Professor of Indigenous Governance and Political Science at the University of Victoria. He has a B.A. 78 more words


Much Ado About Land: Identity and Prosperity

“The land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it is the only thing that lasts.” – 924 more words


Budaya campur

What started as an attempt to write about Indonesian cultural events has evolved through many different forms over the past few weeks. Realizing it would be impossible to sufficiently cover the three main types of selamatans (celebrations for weddings, funerals and births) I decided to narrow the focus to weddings only. 1,220 more words

Peace Corps

Day 148: Power Over Me?

I refuse to hate who I am
because it is inconvenient
for you to like me.

I will not change my inflections
to be a perfect… 99 more words


U.S. Now Taxing Collection of Rainwater*

U.S. Now Taxing Collection of Rainwater*

PARMA Residents wanting to install a rain barrel in their yards will have to pay a steeper fee than what was originally believed. 496 more words