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Weaving the Environment

So, what of it, eh. If settlement had taken a different turn and adapted to local cultural knowledge and traditions, and “colonialism” wasn’t even a word, what would we see if we looked at these woven thule reeds? 114 more words

Nature Photography

Day 17 - The Contagious Disease of Civilization

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 25.

“The ship taken, we could not do otherwise than yield ourselves prisoners, and for the whole period that she remained in the bay, the ‘Dolly,’ as well as her crew, were completely in the hands of the mermaids.”  131 more words

1531: Codex

The Huexotzinco Codex is an eight-sheet document on amatl, a pre-European paper made in Mesoamerica. It is part of the testimony in a legal case against representatives of the colonial government in Mexico, ten years after the Spanish conquest in 1521.

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QUOTE - Benedict Anderson

For museums, and the museumizing imagination, are both profoundly political. p. 178

Monumental archaeology, increasingly linked to tourism, allowed the state to appear as the guardian of a generalized, but also local, Tradition. 511 more words


Day 16 - Mermaids and Nymphs

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 24.

“There they hung, sparkling with savage vivacity, laughing gaily at each other, and chattering away with infinite glee.”  21 more words

Checkin my (inner circle) privilege.

I had a scheduled interview with a Korvia consultant, but due to unforeseen circumstances on their part it has been postponed. I guess I have more time to prepare for it now, but I was slightly peeved because I had done all my hair and makeup and was looking profesh… 885 more words


South Asian Community Debates 'South Asia,' 'India' Ahead of Textbook Updates - NBC News

via South Asian Community Debates ‘South Asia,’ ‘India’ Ahead of Textbook Updates – NBC News

History class tends to focus on Western perspective about a lot of things — which is understandable.

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