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I am reading this book by Ngozi Adichie that was a major best seller. It is the second book I have been reading since buying new glasses last week. 238 more words


Black Man's Sorrow and other Poetry

Let me intoduce my second poetry book dealing with the search for the meaning of life to you. It was originally written in 2014 but was constantly being edited to make sure it comes out tasty and well baked. 71 more words


100 African cities destroyed by European colonialism

When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why are there no historical buildings or monuments?”

The reason is simple. Europeans destroyed most of them. We only have a few drawings and descriptions by travellers who visited the places before their destruction. 5,530 more words


How Do North Koreans View the United States? This Documentary Won't Tell You

How do North Koreans envision the United States? Were the incredible, mind-blowing documentary film Propaganda to be believed, the answer would be “much more accurately… 416 more words


The Harp of India

In “The Harp of India,” Derozio expresses his love for his country and the sadness he feels having it be colonized through the sonnet he writes. 234 more words

The French Revolution (4/17-4/28)

"If thy notes divine may be by mortal wakened once again, harp of my country, let me strike the strain"

The harp as a political symbol for Ireland was widely used to signify freedom and often depicted in the arms of an Irish woman. It was a symbol employed during English rule of Ireland, to express resistance to the British colonization of Ireland. 478 more words

The French Revolution (4/17-4/28)

Colonialism and Imperialism

In this video, we discuss the theoretical, economic, political, cultural, and psychological aspects of colonialism and imperialism. We thank our guests are Samim Yaquby and Harris Pham for joining us on this discussion. 7 more words