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Differences between the disempowerment men vs women face

Whenever I make the suggestion that men are struggling and are disempowered the usual rebuff is, ‘NO it’s not men who are disempowered it is women who are disempowered!’ Yes, women do face a great deal of disempowerment from patriarchal society but you know what, so do men. 903 more words


An Introduction

Starting a project as big as an undergraduate dissertation is an unprecedented goal for anybody. Keeping up with the mountain of research that needs to be done will be difficult so, therefore, this blog will become a way I can keep track of sources I’ve looked at, why I found them useful, how I compared them; different historians and authors I’ve looked at; archives I should look at (or have looked at; and where my ideas and research is leading me in answer to what questions I should be asking. 749 more words

Colonial History

Watch your tongue

Language, Culture and Colonialism.

okay so I had originally planned to post my year in review next but life happens so I have a whole new post that I hadn’t really planned to write. 648 more words


Checkpoint Hades

Do the dead have checkpoints too?
Manning purgatory
Angel soldiers most moral
Checking souls’ IDs

Infiltrators from hell fire
Throwing meta-rocks
Caught are tortured thoroughly… 87 more words


The sin and consequences of empire

Every time I see one of those charity adverts about starving children in Africa, I think to myself, “if all these charity organizations are out there doing something about it, then why has nothing changed?”. 651 more words


On Patrimony: Introduction and The Family Home

This post series “On Patrimony” will discuss my family history while serving as a reference point for future post series, including:

  • A continuation of “Women That Do Not Fail” in a discussion of the community roles of virtuous, bourgeois-aristocratic, Christian women…
  • 1,838 more words
Women That Do Not Fail


empire …

crackling embers of empire,

spew noxious toxicity,

weatherbeaten faces,

crunching marrow,

burrowing deep,


wearing down,

chilling the furnace of principle, 129 more words

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