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My Place by Sally Morgan

I first read this for year 12 English and I don’t think I was mature enough to appreciate it at the time. As well as that, the truth of the atrocities and inhumanity shown to the Aboriginals was not taught. 302 more words


Palestinian Child Tackles Israeli Oppression And Brutality

The horrors that the children of Palestine are forced to live through should not be under-estimated. Israeli terrorism and their pogroms against the indigenous people of Palestine serve only to create generation after generation of Palestinian revolutionaries. 78 more words


FMM 1 19 18 The Nosebleed Section

“I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.” ~ Maya Angelou.

 I first felt the full force of racism in Jacksonville, Florida.  953 more words


The Kolkata Rickshaw - Relic of a Best Forgotten Past?

So today, we consider the humble rickshaw that has been a feature of Kolkata streets for over a century. But are they a part of the heritage that should be celebrated, or do they just provide an inhumane occupation for the downtrodden? 1,271 more words


Mourning a Tree and Denouncing a System

From the microcosm of personal grief, to Western civilization’s atrocities throughout the ages.

From Mirna Wabi-Sabi

After 15 years of living abroad, I came back to my childhood home to find the front-yard…

1,929 more words

Renovating for the 21st Century

Heritage is profoundly symbolic and fluid. What we have valued in the past says something about how we see ourselves today, which furthermore will project ourselves into the future (Ang, 2001). 737 more words


trump ends visa program for haiti

one week after labeling haiti a shit hole country, 2 months after claiming all haitians have AIDs and 6 months after canceling tens of thousands of temporary visas for haitians, … 278 more words