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Astronomical Shifts

August has been an astronomy-heavy month. Last week, the Hawaiʻi Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case contesting the approval of the conservation district use application (CDUA) for the Thirty Meter Telescope. 2,022 more words


A Zionist to Head U.S.’s Economic Warfare Division*

A Zionist to Head U.S.’s Economic Warfare Division*

By Mark Anderson

It’s not well known that the United States Treasury Department has what amounts to a war room… 525 more words


Puerto Rico, the USA and the UN: Questions of colonialism

This first post is related to what I wrote my master thesis about: non-self-governing territories. You probably never heard of this concept and you probably did not know that, officially, there are 17 of them. 1,141 more words


Putin says dump dollar

Russian President Vladimir Putin has drafted a bill that aims to eliminate the US dollar and the euro from trade between CIS countries.

Source: Putin says dump dollar — RT Business… 298 more words


Walls, Taxonomies, Spills

Boundaries are often good things, walls sometimes, sometimes not. Walls are much in the US news of late, with a would be demagogue loudly proclaiming the need to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and another would be president imbecile saying it’s worthwhile to explore building one between the US and Canada. 492 more words


I Hate Being Black

Some months ago, Uche asked me if I’ve ever been a slave; if I’ve ever been manacled and dragged to a land I know nothing about; if I’ve ever towed a field without the expectation of some financial benefits. 1,212 more words