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My Dear White Brother

The other day, the following image appeared in my Facebook feed.

The poem was not written by a child and I sincerely doubt that the author won a prize in 2005—he died in 2001. 567 more words

Classroom Teaching

The Anti-Gay Legacy of the Commonwealth

Fifty-three countries form the “voluntary intergovernmental association” known as The Commonwealth of Nations. Almost all of these countries are united by the fact that they were formerly British colonies, and thus share a ‘rich’ history of oppression and colonisation. 1,715 more words

Human Rights

White Culture: Imperialism and Colonialism

“With the determination to reap inordinate profits and to exploit the weakest to the utmost there came a new imperialism,—the rage for one’s own nation to own the earth or, at least, a large enough portion of it to insure as big profits as the next nation. 219 more words


Two Radicals at Bedford & Bloor: Indoctrination in "Liberal Democratic" Education

Based on first-year experiences and observations, I reflect on ideological hegemony and indoctrination in university education, especially in liberal arts disciplines like economics and international relations.  3,114 more words


NIGHTS BEFORE OUR GREATNESS - Adeniyan Oladimeji (Public Analyst Jus Civile Chamber LSS ABUAD)

The question that has never cast a doubt on my conviction as a man or as what others see me as is this. “Am I different from you?”, “what makes me different from you?” At no point in my existence have I ever made that question eat up my reasoning. 693 more words

The Effects of Colonialism 

Now that I’ve been in Malawi for a few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend. Coming from Tanzania first, I’ve noticed an obvious juxtaposition between the two countries. 500 more words


Between a Wall and the Sea: A New Book on Colonial Havana

Guadalupe García, Beyond the Walled City: Colonial Exclusion in Havana, Oakland: University of California Press, 2016,  296 pp., $34.95, £24.95 ISBN: 9780520286047

Reviewed by Cecilia T. 1,013 more words

20th Century