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Reversing the Cultural Views of Colonialism through a Change in Perspective

Part 2 of Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift, Gulliver finds an island where he is 1/20th the size of the native people. This mass contrast in size creates a paradoxical view of how Europeans view natives in the new world. 309 more words

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Can art do documentary?

Statues Also Die (1953)-  still from film by Alain Resnais and  Chris Marker

When art functions primarily as a documentary either conveying information or  explicitly taking a stand it has an imperative to do so with an aesthetic twist. 443 more words

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80grados.net » La restauración de la riqueza forestal

una propuesta puertorriqueña de principios del siglo veinte n 1916, Louis Murphy, examinador forestal, comenzó

Source: 80grados.net » La restauración de la riqueza forestal

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Germany sued for damages of 'forgotten genocide' in Namibia

According to the Guardian: “Germany has been sued for damages in the United States by descendants of the Herero and Nama people of Namibia, for what they called… 36 more words


Houyhnhnms and Ethics

In Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels we are being exposed to the topic of lying through the characters Houyhnhnms. These characters  are described as being amazing creatures that cannot lie due to never have been exposed to it. 255 more words

Satirizing The Enlightenment (2/20-2/24)

Guide Part 2: The Actual Film (Well, The Beginning of It)

Yesterday I did an in depth post on the whole behind the scenes process of making Guide and who all the personalities involved where and what their background was and so on and so on (not including the Murder and Sex Cult part of the Anand brothers’ story, because those hadn’t happened yet).   5,664 more words

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