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My Biggest and Most Lasting Impression of Rwanda - By Maribeth Shanley

During most of the month of February, I spent my time visiting with Edwin Sabuhoro for whom I will help him write his autobiography.

Out of respect for the people of Rwanda, everyone who comes to Rwanda has an obligation of knowing the country’s terrible history.  5,732 more words


How to Check Your Privilege

Check your privilege.

Acknowledgement of privilege is one of the most important if not the most effective way to combat oppression. Yet sometimes we suffer from too much self-empathy, and it can be hard to acknowledge just exactly how much privilege we benefit from. 781 more words

Even inside Israel, colonialism is far from over | +972 Magazine

The attempt to bar Arabs from buying land in one of the wealthiest, more liberal towns in Israel is a disturbing reminder of Israel’s colonial past — and present.

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The return of Hong Kong

Here’s a good one.

I have a distinct memory of the transfer of Hong Kong’s sovereignty in ’97. I remember watching a ceremony involving a large lantern-bearing ship departing UK shores, presumably bound for the orient. 173 more words

Are white farmers in South Africa refugees? Giving Protection to those in need.

By Maria O’Sullivan

The Minister Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, announced last week that the government is considering giving visas to white farmers from South Africa on the basis that they are ‘persecuted’. 1,233 more words


The Politics of Medical Topography

Harriet Deacon, “The Politics of Medical Topography: Seeking healthiness at the Cape during the nineteenth century,” 279-297, in Pathologies of Travel eds. R. Wrigley and G. 366 more words