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What’s in a Grid? Finding the Form of Settler Colonialism in Melbourne

Nadia Rhook, La Trobe University

In recent years Melburnians have been educated about an episode of Australian history previously little known in non-Indigenous circles. A play, … 1,183 more words


Judge Losing Patience With Clinton Email Release Delays*

Judge Losing Patience With Clinton Email Release Delays*

By Tim Ryan

The State Department’s delay in releasing a cache of emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stored on a private server has put a federal judge “between a rock and a hard place,” the judge said Tuesday. 680 more words


queering indigenous feminism: part 1

throughout my learning in indigenous studies, i’ve struggled with reconciling my queer identity and my experiences in university through some of the discussions within courses relating to sovereignty, spirituality, community, and education, but never felt i had the tools to properly discuss these issues until i began to explore indigenous feminism more formally. 1,672 more words



This is a very good explanation of the way the colonial countries kept their power in the ‘post-colonial’ period. Yes it is a lot more complicated than this but still a decent short explanation of the modern economic order.

Current Affairs

Partition (Straight Lines)

I wrote this staring at a map of Africa…


These straight lines scar,
linger long after the blade
has gone, pain is not,
they left you cut… 23 more words


Bestowing Confidence

I have always believed that confidence is something that is bestowed upon you. I’ve just changed my ideas about where confidence comes from.

As a child, I took on the notion that confidence was a character trait, and an expression of your individuality. 950 more words

Airbnb: Profiting From Colonization In The Westbank?

“Palestine’s ambassador at large, blasted the company for its profiteering. ‘It’s not only controversial, it’s illegal and criminal,’ he told Al Jazeera. ‘This website is promoting stolen property and land. 125 more words