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Day 13 - Sophistication and Corruption

Library of America, Vol. 1 – Typee, Omoo, Mardi by Herman Melville. Page 21.

“Its inhabitants have become somewhat corrupted, owing to their recent commerce with Europeans; but so far as regards their peculiar customs and general mode of life, they retain their original primitive character, remaining very nearly in the state of nature in which they were first beheld by white men.”  58 more words

Review: The Birth of Modern America, Unit 4 of Joyce Appleby's The American Vision

by Brian Taylor

The authors of Unit 4 of The American Vision call their section on the latter half of the nineteenth century “The Birth of Modern America,” and their three chapters focus on the post-war history of the American West, the rise of American industry, and the growth of the American city. 1,291 more words

August 2017

The road ahead is long

We have such a long way to go, still.

And I’m not even talking about overcoming divisions, ending structural racism, loving one’s neighbour.

Simply acknowledging the past is hard enough. 589 more words


Manhattan's Indonesian Twin

A blast from the past: remember when Manhattan was a Dutch possession? It was traded to the British for an equally tiny island in Indonesia. 8 more words

Specters of Partition

Partition is the sanguinary event upon which national identity in the Subcontinent pivots. Much like the Holocaust is to identity among Jews, it is seared painfully onto the South Asian consciousness by the memory of untold barbarism. 1,022 more words


BLOGROLL: Interview with Guadalopean Blogger and Activist João Gabriell

João Gabriell of, among other things, Mouvement de Libération Afro (MLA) was interviewed by la 1ère, site d’Outre-mer: 257 more words


The End of White Privilege in the Okanagan

For about 125 years, my valley has been the setting for the creation of a White homeland. It started in a British Empire that was largely Asian, looking for a racial state for a Britain driven to overpopulation by industrialization: the same force that drove Americans west across the continent to dislodge native peoples there. 463 more words