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Why I hate being a coloured woman

I don’t. That’s all.

But now that you’re here, let’s spend a few focusing on you, and why you may have come to read this post. 757 more words

National Library of Israel Launches "Napoleon Was Here!" Online Exhibit

The National Library of Israel has created a new online exhibit called Napoleon Was Here!. From the splash page: “Having subdued Italy, Napoleon Bonaparte turned his gaze to Egypt as the next target of expansion. 85 more words

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SUPA-KAAZI 22 March 2017

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“Helen got Maimane by da balls!” – Political analyst

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The Hong Kong Identity: Part 1

A city in constant flux, Hong Kong has seen many of its buildings come and go. However, the designs of these structures have always accurately represented the Hong Kong identity. 35 more words


Fist of Darkness a.k.a. Fistpocalypse Now, or, Iron Fist

For all the casting controversy surrounding it, Netflix’s newest Marvel Series, Iron Fist, does very little to assuage concerns viewers may have had regarding the cultural appropriation of a white guy from New York kung-fuing about. 609 more words

Pony Tricks

The tender indifference of the world

I have been invested in investigating my story; intersectionality really makes one see how we are a collection of identities that flow into each other depending on situations or power dynamics. 1,160 more words

Dear America: Better Read the Fine Print on Your Credit Card Statement*

Dear America: Better Read the Fine Print on Your Credit Card Statement*

You know those disclosures on your credit card statements? That it will take 27 years to pay off your balance if you only make the minimum payment each month, and so on? 806 more words