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Ko Wai Au? I am Pākehā.

The vote is in, the voices have been heard and the loser on the day has been representative democracy for Aotearoa-New Zealand. Pākehā had nothing to lose by voting for the creation of māori wards and increasing representation at a local government level, yet we either offered nothing to the conversation or we actively campaigned against it. 599 more words

What bearing does this have on institutional racism and its causes? The neo-colonial economic model is about coercing labor apart from whatever racial and / or national animosity might exist.

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The dead end of 70s childrearing

People often raise their children with ideals that they don’t really hold themselves, either because they on some level think they would be better people if they shared these ideals and hope their children will be better (tolerance, patience), or because they think these ideals are particularly appropriate to this stage of life (sharing, studiousness, Santa Claus). 428 more words


Racism and Colonialism in CanLit - an opening post

Important discussions have been emerging recently about the pervasiveness of racism and colonialism in the mainstream Canadian Literature and publishing scene (also known as CanLit).  Calls from Indigenous and Black writers to provide more support and opportunities for publishing, alongside challenging the myths of what CanLit is, and its elitist and exclusivist histories are out there, and need to be read, absorbed, and put into action. 38 more words


Alicia Elliott On Seeing and Being Seen

“If you can’t write about us with a love for who we are as a people, what we’ve survived, what we’ve accomplished despite all attempts to keep us from doing so; if you can’t look at us as we are and feel your pupils go wide, making all stereotypes feel like a sham, a poor copy, a disgrace—then why are you writing about us at all?” 15 more words


Al-Naqba: Palestine's 200-Year History of Ethnic Cleansing

Al-Naqba: The Palestinian Catastrophe Episode 1 (1799-1936)

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review

This is the most comprehensive documentary of the Zionist movement I’ve ever watched. The cinematography is incredibly beautiful and moving and includes scarce footage of vibrant pre-World War II Palestine. 390 more words

Hidden History

Montparnasse - 15e Novembre 2015

It was a moment between trains

I was heading for Poitiers and had to wait

As we all did after that Friday night when

Young men with guns and grenades… 79 more words