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Speculators circling Puerto Rico latest mode of colonialism

Puerto Rico’s governor may have said the commonwealth’s debt is unpayable, but that doesn’t mean Puerto Ricans aren’t going to pay for it. Vulture capitalists are circling the island, ready to extract still more wealth from the impoverished island. 1,792 more words


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Everywhere it’s the same modus operandi: public debt underwritten by private sources used to curtail public expenditures so as to contract the economy, thereby creating crisis conditions for both the public sector and that of, in relative terms, small to medium sized businesses, to say nothing of the manner in which both rising unemployment and the threat of it depresses already woefully inadequate wages. The end game — as it has actually been since the time of the land enclosures in England — is the seizure of local assets, whether private or public. The result, in human terms, is the intolerable distress that comes from bankruptcy and joblessness and a foreclosed future.

Mapa di Metro Korsou 2016

Dal un keiru subi na Oostpunt kaminda e tereno di di Maal a keda konfiska bek pa pueblo por dignifka si ansestronan Idigeno-Afrikano. Sinta relaha wak e paisahe bunita yega Wespin trankil di bo.


Thinking Digitally: What Postcolonial Theory Has to Offer the Digital Humanities

“The insistent focus on computing and methodology in the humanities without incisive, introspective examination of their social implications is devaluing the humanities. We shouldn’t be pouring federal money into building tools without making the ideological structure of the process explicit and their social effects and presuppositions open to inspection; we shouldn’t be funding the digitization of canonical (read: white, often male) authors without the simultaneous digitization of works by people of color, especially women of color.” 1,414 more words


My INDEV Life - Ethical Tourism?: Part 2

So, in my last post I talked about capacity building tourism. Now, I’m going to talk about some of my personal experience with that.

When I traveled through Asia I encountered a couple, albeit limited tourist like option that were highlighted as been “more ethical”. 285 more words

•Gypsy in the Moonlight• Haiku Review

Just finished reading

*Gypsy in the Moonlight:* great

mystery novel

Set in Trinidad

History & Mystery

Bringing them to life


Unique culture of mixing… 69 more words


Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery”*

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery”*

Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally-syndicated radio show The Thom Hartmann Program… 295 more words


Israeli Burnt To Death 18-Month-Old Baby*

Israeli Burnt To Death 18-Month-Old Baby*

By Saed Bannoura

Right-wing Jewish extremist settlers near Nablus firebombed a Palestinian home on Thursday night, starting a fire which destroyed the house and burned a baby to death, as well as severely burning the baby’s four-year-old brother, mother and father. 334 more words