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What is USFPAC?

About the Cooperative: The U.S. Foreign Policy Activist Cooperative (USFPAC) is an equal partnership consisting of students, staff, and faculty at American University in Washington , DC, and DC community members, committed to raising awareness about and responding to actions taken by the United States in areas including, but not limited to: warfare, covert warfare, drug trade facilitation, surveillance of foreign peoples and governments, support for exploitative international financial institutions, the interests of market capital and finance that participate in and benefit from imperial aggression, energy expansionism, extractive development processes, propaganda operations, formation and support of violent foreign intelligence and police forces, endorsement and funding of colonial states, and subversion of foreign governments, whether these violations are committed directly or by its client states. 609 more words

Foreign Policy

"Old Filth" by Jane Gardam

I picked up this book at a flea market purely based on the use of the intriguing phrase ‘raj orphans’ in the acknowledgments. As it turns out the rest of the book was equally as interesting. 766 more words

British Malaya

Why African women need to be comfortable in their skin tones.

If you ask a couple of people both men and women to tell you extremely honestly with no shame at all, what African skin tone in females they consider beautiful, i’m sure your question will elicit a lot of debate. 1,004 more words

Feminist Ramblings

Social Darwinism; Detachment from Community Accountability in Modern Pagan Culture

“ Social Darwinism characterizes a variety of past and present social policies and theories, from attempts to reduce the power of government to theories exploring the biological causes of human behavior.

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Dearest Conrad

I come from Darkness – the heart of it

Here I find the riches you couldn’t hoard

And it isn’t gold, but boy, is it golden… 179 more words

Social Issues

Colonialism and compensation: Malawians rumoured to sue UK over Nyasaland massacre

In the summer of 2013, after decades of campaigning and litigation, the UK Government finally agreed to pay compensation to the Kenyan Mau Mau people who had suffered torture under the colonial administration. 667 more words


Why Are We Not Smarter Now?

I recently read Candide by Voltaire.  I will add my voice to the many over the years that have deemed it a classic.  I think I would even say it is one of my favorite books I have read.   753 more words