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We cannot liberate Palestine with colonized minds

The inability — or unwillingness — of both the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority and the Hamas-led administration in Gaza to provide a relatively acceptable example of good governance based on giving ordinary people a say in decisions that affect them means that serious soul-searching is required among those holding leadership positions in Palestine. 898 more words


Thoughts on being from Scarborough

It’s interesting…this project has me focusing so much on history and distant pasts that I had almost forgotten one major thing, something that shapes my present sense of self more than anything: my growing up in Scarborough.  434 more words


Who Really Are the Savages? : The Pre-King Shaka Bantu/Zulu Means of War

Whenever most people hear the name Zulu they would generally recall the 1986 South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television miniseries Shaka Zulu written by Joshua Sinclair based on his 1985 novel of the same name. 893 more words


Differences between the disempowerment men vs women face

Whenever I make the suggestion that men are struggling and are disempowered the usual rebuff is, ‘NO it’s not men who are disempowered it is women who are disempowered!’ Yes, women do face a great deal of disempowerment from patriarchal society but you know what, so do men. 903 more words


An Introduction

Starting a project as big as an undergraduate dissertation is an unprecedented goal for anybody. Keeping up with the mountain of research that needs to be done will be difficult so, therefore, this blog will become a way I can keep track of sources I’ve looked at, why I found them useful, how I compared them; different historians and authors I’ve looked at; archives I should look at (or have looked at; and where my ideas and research is leading me in answer to what questions I should be asking. 749 more words

Colonial History

Watch your tongue

Language, Culture and Colonialism.

okay so I had originally planned to post my year in review next but life happens so I have a whole new post that I hadn’t really planned to write. 648 more words


Thanks to Stephen Harper, ‘Canada no good!’

Walking through the old city of Nablus in the West Bank recently, I encountered a Palestinian man who worked as a tailor in the small store situated in his family’s home. 1,452 more words