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Neoliberalism and the Structure of Settler Colonialism in a North American City

By John Munro, St. Mary’s University

It was, on the face of it, an unremarkable event. In the spring of 1989, a single-room-occupancy hotel and beer parlor was torn down in North Vancouver, Canada, and a new condominium tower was then put up in its place. 986 more words


raquel salas-rivera

RAQUEL SALAS-RIVERA ha publicado poemas y ensayos en numerosas revistas y antologías. En el 2011, publicó su primer libro, Caneca de anhelos turbios, con Editora Educación Emergente. 131 more words

White privilege

“We learnt your French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and you learnt our nothing. You called us stupid.”

Here, Kyla explains and express herself about what  13 more words

Politics & Society

Serious Clinton Voter Fraud Discovered in Michigan*

Serious Clinton Voter Fraud Discovered in Michigan*

Officials in Michigan claim that serious voter fraud has been uncovered that proves Hillary Clinton was fraudulently awarded six times more votes than was actually counted… 387 more words


The intangible narration of the ‘Emergency’: Different layers of trauma construction of the Mau Mau uprising

As I write this post, there are hearings going on in the British High Court, where elderly Kenyans are giving testimonies on the abuse they suffered in British concentration camps in the 1950s, including forced labor, rape and mutilations. 2,237 more words

Tactics of Mistake

Tactics of Mistake was an enjoyable read. It’s worth noting that I generally like Gordon R. Dickson’s work, and have read a scattering of his Dorsai novels. 303 more words

Book Reviews

Combat ready: Slapping the water

There is a tale from the early Shaolin period, where a young man, so desirous of being selected to the fabled temple of the Shaolin monk, camped outside for days until recognized and accepted into the hollowed halls and secret behind the walls. 1,593 more words

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