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The Men Who Would Be Kings

The new colonial rules from Dan Mersey, The Men Who Would Be Kings, hit the table at the BAD Gamers last night.

Mersey has written a good range of rules, many of them published under the… 438 more words

Miniatures Gaming

Colonial Madness

So this Sunday we did a Colonial game at our club, it was 3v3 and I was on the side of the Sikh side, below is a few shots of the battle. 18 more words

Money Before the American Revolution

Did you know the very first money used in the United States was from England?  Their money system was very different than ours.  Below is a brief description of English money and its worth before the American Revolution. 227 more words


Turn: America's First Spies

Less and less on television holds my attention. Repetition, little creativity and stories that don’t go anywhere. And I’m always asking myself, “Isn’t there something else I could be doing?” So, halfway through last year’s television season, I gave up on what few shows I was watching. 34 more words


WOW ~ Of Independence and Upstart Colonials

For most modern-day Americans, Independence Day is less about remembering the winning of freedom from England and more about celebrating grilled food and hot summer days, and shooting fireworks in the backyard. 633 more words

WOW ~ Word Of The Week

The colonial past of the East: How India looked like at the end of the the 19th century

India, at the end of the 19th century, was dependent relations with the British Empire and the East India Company, a joint-stock company, formed in 1617 by Britain and England to pursue trades specifically with East India. 340 more words