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Colonoscopy or not

Ok. I promise no pictures on this one. So many people are afraid of getting one done; and yet this procedure is so important to have done. 218 more words


The Remainder of the Day or Get Along Little Polyp

I was shocked and a little disappointed that no one attended my colonoscopy party this morning. Studly Doright reminded me that I didn’t actually put a date, time, or location on my invitation, though, so I suppose I only have myself to blame. 533 more words



We humans celebrate the milestones in our lives and in the lives of those closest to us: first steps, birthdays, first dates, etc. As we age those milestones become ever so much more important to honor. 175 more words


Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - A Positive Test Does Not Mean You Have Bowel Cancer

As part of Bowel Cancer Awareness month, we’re running a series of mini-blogs from cancer experts. Here’s the next instalment from Bowel Cancer Nurse Specialist, Aileen Roy. 161 more words

Bowel Cancer

Oh POOP - The Great Colonoscopy Story

March was colon cancer awareness month.  However, this great blog post never got published.  I thought maybe it was to be more aligned with Spring cleaning.   542 more words

Be Vibrant

Colonoscopy and other Tribulations

Poor Dr. Aasmaa, my primary physician, has done everything short of corporal punishment to get me to have a colonoscopy. I could paper the walls with the prescriptions she has written.  361 more words

Rosanne Bostonian

Colonoscopy fun! -- Wait, what???!!!

A couple of years ago, I had my first colonoscopy. It was a routine event, and happened just because I had reached that “age” when it was recommended by my doctor. 337 more words

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