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It's about to get personal...

A few days ago I had to have a colonoscopy. I don’t know if I’ve shared on here or not but I have a disease called ulcerative colitis. 1,559 more words


[The nurse is an intern, it's obvious. Just look]

The nurse is an intern, it’s obvious. Just look

at the name tag. “Sylvia.”

He sure doesn’t look like a “Sylvia.”

Who would pay this fool to be… 140 more words

Rectal cancer – my fast track journey!

Wow where did the 14th January go? My intention was to write another blog about my experience with surgery and my ileostomy and whilst I can do that I now have to add another chapter – my ileostomy reversal as it has all happened so quickly that is where I find myself now. 4,420 more words

Bowel Cancer

Smears, Cancer and Butt Cameras

It is not often that you have a conversation about smear tests or cancer and find yourself laughing; however I have a friend that no matter what the subject, we end up howling. 1,344 more words

Happy Birthday to me

I celebrated a <choke> milestone birthday this year.  I’m not one to count the years because you are as young (or old) as you mentally tell yourself you are and I’m NOT as old as the number on my birth certificate.   181 more words


You Win Again, Camera


There’s a shitty phrase. As someone who’s face isn’t classically “camera-friendly”, I have to wonder just why in the fuck I’d want to be friends with the camera in the first place. 1,090 more words


Because I share things...

I won’t go the TMI route..much. But I had a colonoscopy today. I did it because of my family history and because it’s one of the few things I can do to support loved ones who are dealing with an illness that might have been lessened had someone gotten a colonoscopy sooner. 622 more words

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