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If you might be age fifty or over, it is probably your medical professional has recommended that you have a screening colonoscopy, an inner search at the colon to verify for circumstances that might lead to cancer. 322 more words

Eighth weight progress report (and colonoscopy)

This post continues the series of weight progress reports from the previous one.

My weight went up a little in August:

My exercise was down a bit for the month (only averaging 2.25 miles/day of bicycling, down from 3.48 in July and from my normal year-round average of just over 4 miles/day).   532 more words

The thing I do when I should be working on my thesis or cleaning or sleeping or having sex

I have been in a bit of a funk lately…I would like to say this is the first time this has happened, or the last time it will happen, but I know my family history and I know my brain and it is unfortunately, it’s not like that. 748 more words

IV Bruise

As I said in my last post (not the images one), I have taken a picture of the bruise from the IV I got when I had my colonoscopy. 16 more words

Metachronous colorectal cancers

Silvia Sanduleanu, MD, PhD, from the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine, GROW, School for Oncology and Developmental Biology, Maastricht University Medical Center, in Maastricht, The Netherlands discusses this Original Article, “Metachronous colorectal cancers result from missed lesions and non-compliance with surveillance.” 339 more words


Finally Some "Normalcy"

I say “normalcy” very loosely….because no day is normal for me.
But…if my version of normal doesn’t include having water flow out my butt from bowel prep…I’ll take it. 169 more words

Torture is Over

I was out of the hospital around 2:45.
Colonoscopy went fine. Only got stuck once with the IV.

They took some biopsies and I’ll get the results in a couple weeks. 114 more words