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I remember the day I took this shot: I packed my camera bag, entered the woods, scanned, searched, looking for that one interesting shot. I didn’t see anything apparent jumping out at me, and as I stood there just appreciating being in the woods I observed this lone piece of bark separating from a branch, the setting sun illuminating it from behind. 359 more words


The Colon Tiger

As Maggie drove me home following my procedure, I gulped water and munched on the snack of fruit I’d packed for this moment. Relief washed over me like baptismal waters. 552 more words


Everything you wanted to know about colonoscopies but were too afraid to ask

Our Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program (BCCHP), helped more than 600 people get colorectal cancer screenings last year. Most had negative results, but a few needed additional screening colonoscopies. 1,317 more words

Breast Cervical And Colon Health Program


The receptionist looks like she’s ready to tell my friend—let’s call her Kate—some terrible, awful, apocalyptic news like her colonoscopy appointment has been canceled because the raging wildfires in Sonoma and Mendocino counties prevented the doctor, who lives in San Francisco, from driving to Fort Bragg. 780 more words

Fort Bragg California

Hypnosis Making Medical Tests Easier

Hypnosis is soothing. During a hypnotherapy session, patients are sometimes asked to lie on a couch, in a room with relaxing colors, and listen to some calming words from a trained professional. 556 more words

Benefits Of Hypnosis

How I found out what a Barium Edema is??  Proceed with caution!

Good afternoon beautiful people!! I wanted to touch base about my tests I had a few weeks back. As I had previously blogged in previous posts…I am having issues with Acid Reflux and I had to have a colonscopy because cancer runs in my family. 524 more words

Gastric Bypass

My Trouble Finder

My day’s highlight came early. The secretary of my Primary Care Physician (PCP) phoned me to remind me of my upcoming appointment with him.  Immediately I cringed. 726 more words

Cancer Laughter