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Me and My Colonoscopy: the story of a man and his ass

By Steve Newton

Normally I just use this site to write about guitar-rock and horror movies and good stuff like that, but I recently had a colonoscopy, so figured I should write about that too, because, you know–what’s more hilarious than the thought of somebody pokin’ around in your butt, tryna see stuff? 2,003 more words

Black Sabbath

The Prep

I was a year late. Sitting in the doctor’s office, I wondered if my negligence would hasten my demise. “It’s not the most enjoyable experience,” I explained to her, cringing from the memory of the last one. 1,223 more words

Colon Cancer


in-truh–spek-shuhn:  from the Latin intrōspicere – to look within.

If you’re not a fan of open discussion about the inner machinations of the human body, it’s probably worth giving this post a miss…  No, seriously. 1,065 more words

#NaBloPoMo - Not So Bad, I Guess

Well the prep, for the hubby’s colonoscopy, didn’t go quite as bad as feared. Course he did have to spend near 2 hours on the pot during the 2 times in which he was taking the main meds for cleaning out his system. 25 more words

About Our Family-

We are so blessed to have a great hospital in our area. The emergency room was great both times I visited. I have had 3 surgeries and 2 colonoscopies here and everyone was wonderful.

by Carolyn M., Sandwich, IL

Individual Because

Facebook, you torture me

This morning Facebook reminded me that six years ago today I posted the following entry on my personal blog, which I then linked to Facebook. This was a trigger, a huge trigger. 1,761 more words

Cheating Husband

#NaBloPoMo - Let The Fun Begin

And by “fun” let me assure you we mean that in the most sarcastic way possible…

You see, the hubby has been scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow. 144 more words

About Our Family-