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The evolution of a night shot

I thought it may be interesting to share this sequence of photos taken last night at Scone airport. They show the evolution of a night photo from the initial setting up to the final image. 837 more words


On-line Aviation Photo-databases...

… do you sell your soul to the Devil?

Nothing like starting out with a controversial title, is there?

You could say that I have had my fill of one particular on-line aviation photo-database this week, I’ll not name it because I still contribute towards it. 1,445 more words


It's all about colour

The weather in this part of the world has not been all that great for general Aviation photography, which is the genre that I seemed to have drifted into, so in desperate need of some photo therapy I took myself off to Edinburgh Airport to shoot airliners in the autumnal sunshine. 300 more words


Ochil sunset

I worked late on the kitchen last night and was treated to the sun setting as I worked al fresco, well I had to as I can no longer afford to work inside as the saw will fill the kitchen up with dust and my darlin’ will fill my life up with grief! 185 more words


More correction ramblings

This morning I took Fin, the Photographers Nightmare and my Canon G10 out for a walk. We were fortunate in that one of the field has been half harvested so we were able to get off road for the first time in a long while since Mr Misery Guts over at Rushfield Farm decided that he did not want me rambling over his fields, trampling his fine collection of set-aside weeds. 230 more words


Getting some correction in.

Sounds like a job vacancy for someone that would go by the name of ” Miss Whiplash” or even “Madame” but this is not what I’m on about. 344 more words


Color Checking

I’ve been busy with technology.  Some seems pointless, other seems worthwhile.  I got the Color Checker Passport which, if not for this video, would have made me think it was worthless.   46 more words