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Heeding my own Advice

Around 18 months ago I published a book titled “Perfect Prints Every Time”. The book was intended to help people who struggle with print making, master the techniques and produce images that match their screens. 618 more words

Digital Photography

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport: Accurate Color. Not Just Appealing!

If you would like to reproduce color in photography and art, you can either try and reproduce the color of the subject as accurately as you could, or do it the professional way to obtain color that is eye-pleasing rather than just accurate. 636 more words

Pantone Inroduces Pantone STUDIO: A New Era of Inspiration

As Pantone became the definitive way of color communication, it had to follow its core consumers’ behaviour which is becoming increasingly digital, which brought Pantone STUDIO to life. 383 more words

Want a FREE X-Rite ColorCheker?

X-Rite is celebrating the 40th anniversary of X-Rite ColorChecker targets with a new social competition that gives you a chance to win 1 out of 40 ColorChecker targets. 128 more words

X-Rite ColorChecker: 40 Years of Success in Color Innovation

X-Rite ColorChecker has recently celebrated 40 years as the standard in color innovation for the color management enthusiasts. Back in 1976, ColorChecker was introduced to the photography market as standard in color correction in representation, a reliable solution that remains till day the original standard for different industries that need to balance and reproduce the true color on a color theory science basis. 207 more words

How does color affect your psychology?

A recent research has been conducted on different hues to study their effect on human’s emotions, which should definitely be considered by artists in their fine art and prints. 576 more words

The World’s Ugliest Color is on a Mission!

Is there a color that turns you off or just seem less appealing than others? Well, apparently there is one color that we all have in common. 290 more words