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Do I need a RIP? The answer is YES.

Almost every day I receive the following questions: ‘Will a RIP software make your colors brighter and improve your image quality?’ – ‘Is it really necessary to run your printer with a RIP?’ – ‘Can’t you achieve the same results simply by using the included print driver?’ … “Do I need a RIP?” 663 more words


#TheDress Confirms The Value Of Color Management

How a badly lit, pixelated photo of a dress set off an Internet firestorm and brought to light one of the more serious concerns for advertising production – color management. 377 more words


White Dress or Blue Dress - Solved.

So, the following picture has been making the rounds today, and well-nigh breaking the internet.

The question is: Is this a white dress with gold stripes, terribly… 377 more words

Film Photography

Getting Ready to Show

Last year I joined a local photography club, Southern Light Photography, here in Tupelo to meet some other people who share my interest in this art form, and who might help inspire me to take more photos and improve my work. 574 more words

Paint Shop Pro

Red Is Tricky

Working with red can be a bit of a challenge. The camera has a tough time handling a really intense red. ( The same can go for purple, and certain blues as well.) My husband, … 274 more words


Getting Great Output

What is WYSIWYG?

Your business uses digital images in a wide variety of ways, from laser and inkjet prints to PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and internet website display. 453 more words


5 Color adjustment

I found this on a web page specialised in colour management:

This is really a catch-all category, but typical adjustments might include

COLORS – saturation, vibrance and other color adjustments. 130 more words