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2/28/17- an interesting journey

It started off as a fashion competition ala Rupaul’s drag race, and everyone had to make 8 outfits but only out of one color. There were several colors to choose from, but each person’s outfits could only be one color, like a theme. 913 more words


The Meanings of Color

Around the world, based on where someone lives their perception of the meaning of certain colors may change. This is due to how the culture surrounding the area has used and defined the color and in turn influenced them. 937 more words


Colours and Its Effect on Humans

Have you ever thought of how colour has been affecting people both on the inside and out? Well let’s find out together because I am also wondering as well. 1,857 more words

Mind And Body


Ever since man understood fiery red meant danger and those purple berries were poisonous, colour has been associated with moods and feelings.

Religious artists used colour as a form of shorthand – people looking at a stained glass window or a heraldic coat of arms would have instantly known blue equalled contemplative faith or green meant hope.

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