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What Happened To The Margins?

I was looking over my son’s homework and I noticed his sentences crossed the pink line and continued into the right margin. I instructed him to rewrite the paragraphs and to make sure he did not cross the lines on either side of the paper. 628 more words

IKB x Huffington Post

Recently, I was interviewed by a writer for Huffington Post. I had no earthly idea that I would be included in an interview with VH1… 48 more words


IKB x Tattoodo

One day, I checked into the logistics of I.P. Brand Ink & Art to see that I had a Pingback. OMG! I swear, on the inter webs, you never know who’s watching. 105 more words


IKB x Concrete Cakes

Interviews always make me nervous (you can totally tell by this photo, right?! haha). However, I’ve learned that the best thing to do is relax and be yourself. 48 more words


IKB x The Griot

Hi yah, everyone!!!!!!

I am happy to share a past interview on The Griot that I was asked to participate in as one of the featured… 105 more words


Being Cheeky at M.A.C.

I randomly saw these on the M.A.C. website and I’m sharing for no other reason than they are


And fun

And fabulously frivolous!

I’ve absolutely… 92 more words


Different Kind

You and I,
We’re of a different kind.
Unaware are the rest
Of just how much we digress.

You and me, we’re more than free, 91 more words