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Red Brolly

What are the chances of finding a red brolly leaning against a red and white wall in a coffee shop? A case of serendipity on a rainy day but must admit made me audibly sigh at the perfection.

Street Photography


“Let us amuse ourselves for a moment…so that we can better understand ‘knowing.’ Suppose I say, ‘I know that it’s windy.’ ‘I’ refers more to my mind than my body, so this sentence really means, ‘My mind knows that it is windy.’ Mind is the knower, so really we are saying, ‘The knower knows that it is windy.’ ‘The knower’ is the subject, ‘knows’ is the verb, and ‘it is windy’ is the object. 94 more words


wpc: satisfaction

Old Fall River Road, a motor nature trail, is an auto route in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Forest that travels through the park’s wilderness to Fall River Pass, 11,796 feet above sea level.   240 more words


sliver of perspective

“…thoughts of the past, fantasies about the future, judgements and evaluations concerning…work itself–what are these but shadows and ghosts flickering about in our minds, preventing us from entering fully into life itself.” 8 more words