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Presentation Prep. Collection I

Presentation prep.

Gearing up for my presentation later this week. I’m showing illustrations for a collection. & the biggest huddle is color rendering. The print fabric is satin, & probably the biggest challenge is doing the appreciate downsize of the print. 168 more words

Fashion Design

Transformation Tuesday

Been a long time coming, feel so happy with how this one came out. Not only with the result but the process of progression, I’m thrilled!! 231 more words


So what color is the dress? How color is not always rendeder accurately

So what color was that dress?

In the grand scheme of things- not newsworthy, yet it made international news. As for why it looked different? Several factors come together- and it has nothing to do with the psychobable that the US underwater basket weavers want you to believe. 648 more words

How To Specify Color Temperature

Last week we dealt with Color Rendering Index or CRI, today I thought we’d deal with the concept of Color Temperature. If you’ve been thinking about specifying LED then you know at least a little it about the subject, but it’s so important to how we actually experience light that it bears discussion. 894 more words

Lighting Tips

How Important is CRI When Evaluating Lighting?

I was in a very interesting meeting on Friday. I was presenting a track head selected by a lighting designer. He wanted to look at a ceramic metal halide track head and we were happy to show him. 707 more words

Lighting Tips

The advantages and disadvantages of LED street light

LED street light emitting diode leds the semiconductor lighting. It is a kind of based on semiconductor PN junction formation with a weak electricity can light the high-efficiency solid-state lighting in certain positive bias voltage and injection of electrical flow electronic injection holes and injection of N P area area after spread to have source area by the radiative recombination and emit photons convert electrical energy directly into light energy. 852 more words