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Armenia: Electric Yerevan and lessons on the Color-Spring tactic

by Joaquin Flores
June 27, 2015
A Fort Russ and Greanville Post Feature

The Electric Yerevan protest provides us with an excellent opportunity to review some of the basic underlying mechanics and psychology of the Color-Spring tactic.   5,124 more words

World Crisis Radio- Tarpley.net

With a Report from Michael Chiotinis in Athens

from Tarpley.net: 

Supreme Court Rats Cabal Splinters Out of Fear of Popular Backlash over Healthcare Stripping; More Free Trade Sellouts Can Still Be Stopped, but only with 15% Protective Tariff; Anti-Establishment Mood Grows Among Primary Voters; Relentless Insanity of Germany’s Merkel and IMF’s Lagarde Forcing Greece to Prepare Economic Self-Defense Based on Dirigism; Ukraine Bankruptcy Looms; NATO Attempting Color Revolution in Russian-Allied Armenia; Malthusian Atheist Enters Pontifical Academy Of Sciences; Confederate Flag Being Expunged from American Life 150 Years after Appomattox…

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The International Reporter

Nikolai Starikov: Thoughts on Central Bank, Money and the Sovereignty of Russia

We decided to add subtitles to a fragment of an interview which Nikolai Starikov gave to a liberal journalist in Novosibirsk on June 18, 2015. Other parts of the interview deal with the problem of liberal opposition, fifth column and ways of defending the Russian state from destruction by the Western alliance. 68 more words

Macedonia: Patriots defeat the “color revolution”

Posted on Global Research, June 3, 2015
By Andrew Korybko
Oriental Review

We are publishing the exclusive English translation of the interview given by our regular correspondent Andrew Korybko to the Macedonian edition “NetPress” on the threat of Macedonia division, political background of Kumanovo incident and baseless ambitions of the Western-funded opposition leader Zoran Zaev:  3,650 more words

A Color Revolution for Macedonia

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

During the Cold War Washington was concerned about communists fomenting street protests that they could turn into revolutions, with groomed politicians waiting in the wings to take over the new government, thus expanding the Soviet empire. 353 more words

World At WAR

What In The World Is Happening In Macedonia?

Lets not forget that Macedonian officials are not shy of pulling off a false flag. As reported by BBC, the New York Times, and… 130 more words


Ukraine Largest Tragedy Among Color Revolutions - Russian Defense Minister

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu referred to mass protests in Venezuela and Hong Kong last year as “links of the same chain” with the 2014 coup in Ukraine. 89 more words