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China army says West trying to 'falsify' Communist Party history

Enemy forces in the West are trying to “falsify” the history of China’s ruling Communist Party and its military and force a “color revolution” on troops who are too susceptible to outside influences, the military’s official newspaper said on Tuesday. 431 more words

Twitter Feed Lures Hordes to Europe

Here is an interesting piece from KP.  The author, Evgeny Chernykh, writes about the refugee crisis rocking Europe.

Is this one of those spontaneous, elemental mass migrations of people, as has occurred in ancient times? 195 more words

Human Dignity

Russian Officials Deliver Pointed Warnings to Obama

Top Russian officials have been delivering pointed public warnings to the Obama Administration, charging that the US is out to break up Russia.

Nikolay Patrushev, head of the Russian National Security Council, told Kommersant that the US is out to destroy Russia, and this is what is behind the Ukraine color revolution. 269 more words

Global Thermonuclear War

Lebanon Protest Leaders Reveal Connections To Western Color Revolution Apparatus

As I mentioned in my article, “Color Revolution In Lebanon Designed To Weaken Hezbollah, Syria, Iran,” all of these aspects – shadowy reasons like “government corruption” for protesting, lack of demands, violence, and infiltrators – are hallmarks of a… 2,035 more words

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U.S. China Hand Threatens Color Revolution Against Beijing

China hand Orville Schell, now running the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society in New York, ran a diatribe against Xi Jinping in the Wall Street Journal today, gloating that the market crash will force him to “temper Beijing’s current tendency toward arrogance, rigidity, belligerence, and diplomatic hectoring.” Posing a false construct of Xi trying to “seize and use power—to have China’s weaker neighbors genuflect and have the world respond more compliantly” (never mentioning, of course, the BRICS or the massive China-centered development projects around the world), Schell fantasizes that the market collapse in China is a “jarring wake-up call” which will force Xi to stop challenging the U.S. 95 more words

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Color Revolution In Lebanon Designed To Weaken Hezbollah, Syria, Iran

With these developments suddenly taking place in Lebanon and, with taking the Syrian crisis into context and the Iranian nuclear deal in the background, it is reasonable to question whether or not these protests are a legitimate expression of discontent with an inefficient government or whether it is the product of a Western-backed color revolution aimed at destabilizing Lebanon – particularly Hezbollah – and further weakening the “Shiite Arch of Influence.” 2,350 more words

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