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Catherine Austin Fitts-2017 Destruction of the Old And Creation of the New Interview

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says, “We are so overdue for a 25% correction. . . . I think 2017 is going to be a composting. 230 more words


Post Election Chaos, Trump Presidency Under Siege: Guided Anarchy and “The Purple Revolution” Orchestrated Anti-Trump Mob Violence

America has never faced chaos of this nature in modern times: manufactured domestic political terrorism disguised as civil unrest, masking a coup. This ongoing “post election coup” marked by engineered “protest movements” and corporate media propaganda   constitutes… 2,835 more words


“Regime Change”? South Africa Targeted by Western Destabilization Efforts?

“They have taken about 45 young people to America to train them as part of their leadership program. What we got from those young people is not what they expected; they were trained on how to destabilize the country and regime change.”…Zuma said the Western states are retaliating against the ANC government due its affiliation with the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) Summit. 1,371 more words



Tipsy we the people be,
Alcoholic foamy heads,
Emotional our slavery,
When to feelings we are wed.

Colored revolutions are
Numbers painted, readymades,
Breaking windows, burning cars,
Freedoms they assign to slaves.

US should sanction Soros And Poroshenko for destabilizing Ukraine, says Russian MP

George Soros is a US billionaire known for his involvement in international politics, in particular the backing of the so called ‘color revolutions’ – the seizing of power from nationalist-inclining regimes in favor of pro-globalist forces.  378 more words

World At War

Soros Now Being SUED $550 Million For DIRECT Illegal Funding Of Terror

Editor’s note: It is about time somebody sued him. Perhaps Ukraine should consider this option, and Libya, Egypt and Syria for starters. Sue him and all his Open Society Foundations foundations and all those engineering “color revolutions”for loss of life, damage to property and covert “terrorism.” 976 more words