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A Color Revolution for Macedonia

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

During the Cold War Washington was concerned about communists fomenting street protests that they could turn into revolutions, with groomed politicians waiting in the wings to take over the new government, thus expanding the Soviet empire. 353 more words

World At WAR

What In The World Is Happening In Macedonia?

Lets not forget that Macedonian officials are not shy of pulling off a false flag. As reported by BBC, the New York Times, and… 130 more words


Ukraine Largest Tragedy Among Color Revolutions - Russian Defense Minister

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu referred to mass protests in Venezuela and Hong Kong last year as “links of the same chain” with the 2014 coup in Ukraine. 89 more words

FSKN: Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the "Color Revolutions"

FSKN: Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the “Color Revolutions”

About $1 trillion comes into the world economy every year from drug trafficking…

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America is Hysterical

Hysterical is the right word. It suffers these extremes of irrationality and fear, all at once and with horrible results. It’s as if the whole country has been so deeply ponerized, so corrupted by the taint of their corrupted elite that they can no longer distinguish truth from lies. 671 more words


An Extraordinary Threat To American Imperialism

On March 9, 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency, proclaiming the nation of Venezuela to be “an extraordinary threat to the national security… 622 more words


Azerbaijan should be very afraid of Victoria Nuland

role in the Ukrainian events forever marks her as an agent for US-supported regime change in the former Soviet sphere, and her visit anywhere in that space should be seen as the bad omen that it is…

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