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Catharsis: My Long Truth about Obesity

This is a deeply personal entry, but I provide it for two reasons: 1) I need the reminder, as I originally wrote this several months ago, 2) I hope someone else benefits from it. 2,159 more words

Lifestyle Changes

Chase the Rainbow

We all have a friend who is too hard on themselves;  focusing on their weakness, blind to their strengths.For me, Ray and Charlie are those friends. 592 more words


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Daftar nomor resi pengiriman tepung warna / holi powder / bubuk warna / colorfun / colorrun

Pengiriman tepung warna / holi powder / bubuk warna / colorfun / colorrun melalui kantor post : 40 more words

Bubuk Warna

Getting fit for travel #11

16-22 February 2015:

I mentioned back at the start of this series that although this is called ‘getting fit for travel’, I can’t actually afford to go travelling any time soon. 917 more words



Good evening WordPress, I hope you’ve had a productive week. Myself, I’m completely exhausted in and of myself :P It’s been a pretty busy/stressful/mentally draining but also largely successful (?) fortnight for me, and I think I’m still recovering. 565 more words


The Return of the Wanderer

Hello non-existent readers! I’m so happy to be back on your radars! Let’s just call this a probationary return because you have yet to see any real output from my end. 229 more words

The Response to Dye-ing Culture

After my article on the way Color Run™ and similar for-profit charity runs like Run or Dye™, Color Me Rad, and the Color Vibe appropriate the Indian festival Holi in order to make money, Jessica Nixon, spokeswoman for the Color Run™ responded with the following letter: 1,089 more words