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Life Lately

You guys won’t believe how badly I want to be here. I just can’t seem to get the words out of my head, which is driving me crazy (and in turn driving my husband crazy). 565 more words


Why Everyone Should Participate in a Color Run

If you have never actually participated in a color run, chances are you have at least heard of it. If you are unfamiliar, a color run is a 5k run (about 3.1 miles) and as you run the course, each checkpoint, that usually is equivalent to a kilometer you complete, a different colored powder is thrown on you as you are running through said checkpoint. 417 more words


physical health mini check-in

I’ve been feeling a little weak these last few … well, weeks.  at first, I wrote it off to being on my period.  but my increased dizziness and appendage instability has persisted.   345 more words


The Happiest 5K on the Planet

…A good laugh and a long run are the two best cures for anything…

What is the happiest 5K on the planet? That’s right!

It’s the Color Run! 578 more words

Out And About

Our running events of 2016.

Gung-ho Southampton… was pretty okay

The best friend, Becky, and I signed up for gung-ho because it looked dead cool. It was a giant inflatable course in Southampton which was close to Becky’s home so seemed like a perfect event for us. 467 more words

Joining The Kaleidoscope World of Color Manila Run 5

WE all wanted to live a happy, fun and colourful life. But sometimes, our hands are just too full to handle a lot of things like stress, traffic, work load, and even some cruddy people. 988 more words