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cOlOrS Pt. 2


The above link leads you to the Art Institute of Indianapolis’s homepage. It features the familiar continuous slide show, but superimposed on that is a form to request a brochure on the Ai. 180 more words

15: Using Color Correctly

Color is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to digital screens.  Not every screen displays every color exactly the same, and picking complementary colors can be a challenge even in the best cases.   282 more words


Color Scheme

For my color scheme, I chose to use complimentary colors to provide a compelling menu. Because this color scheme is for a pizzeria, I choose to use the colors of the Italian flag: Green & Red. 100 more words

Color scheme

Rugs, big and small, in nice patterns & beautiful color scheme.


Homes / Interiors

Colors of September

As we move into the cooler temperatures of September, here’s a color scheme to help you stay warm on these early fall evenings.


Colour Swatch... By the Roadside

I don’t keep diaries. It might seem odd for a writer, but I’ve just never been able to get into them. Occasionally, I will do stream of consciousness writing, but the main way I express my thoughts is through my books and stories. 241 more words