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Color Theory: Monochromatic and Analogous Colors

A lot of us know, or at least think we know, what a monochromatic color scheme is. Monochromatic color designs make use of a single color… 508 more words


Instagram's New Favorite

It’s February.  I am really looking for some colors.   I  scrolled  through Instagram for inspiration and found this new beauty—-a recently repainted colorful Saguaro Hotel, Palm Spring.    70 more words

Interior Designs

Spring Wedding Bouquets

As spring quickly approaches, it’s time to think about the seasonal touches you can add to your bridal look. There’s nothing that highlights a wedding gown like a springtime bouquet. 273 more words

Wedding Belle

Shout Out to Prisma Color

Calling all coloring fans! This one’s for you. Prisma Color colored pencils are THE best pencils to draw, color and create with. Their soft tip is almost like clay, which makes them great for blending. 133 more words

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12 Design Resources for Web Developers

If you’re a web developer, you know there are tons of resources out there that are open-source and at your fingertips. What are a few great design resources that are readily available for web developers?  597 more words

Web Design

My Color of the Year

Every year, I silently declare what color I deem best to express my sense of style and mood. For 2018, I choose RED. It’s a primary color that many people associate with fire, passion, warmth, lust, stress, and warnings. 288 more words


Building a blog

If you want to start a blog, there are a TON of places filled with information. And, sure, it all helps. But if you want a simple something that helps you understand the basics, well, that’s hard to find. 492 more words