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Skills Of A Writer I

A writer, to me, is more than someone who puts words together. That skill is at the heart of who a writer is. However, the modern age…mostly due to technology…has expanded the skills that a writer can have and in many cases should have. 470 more words

Daily Thought

September 2016 Tour...

The next Magical Mousetery Tour is just around the corner, so before we start the official countdown, we thought we’d share the color scheme and theme with you all…

Not long now!

September 2016

Colour Schemes And Atmosphere- A Ramble (With An Art Preview)

Although they probably won’t be posted here for at least a couple of weeks, I’ve started a short series of gothic horror-themed paintings.

Like the horror-themed art series I posted here in January, this series will use a limited palette. 489 more words


Theme Your House Right: 3 Little Things That Affect the Feel Of Your Home

By Toby Nwazor:

Do you want to live in a beautiful house with well-furnished and decorated rooms? I bet you do. But when it comes to actually turning your house to heaven on earth, it can be a bit of a challenge and often times, a large mess. 730 more words

House Decorating

The Paint Pain: Scenery and other things

Some people might say that scenery is bound to be the other thing, but not today. I found some motivation to paint scenery which I should have painted a long time ago. 107 more words


Planning a Successful Bridal Shower!

My bestest friend in the whole world is getting married at the end of this month, and as per tradition and obviously my great love for her, we set out to plan the bestest bridal shower for her. 189 more words


Finishes Selection

Selecting finishes for your home for the first time or for that much anticipated renovation can be a daunting task. This phase in the design stage decides the patterns, textures, color palette and ambiance you’re gonna experience for many years to come until you decide to spruce things up again. 54 more words

Interior Architecture