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Adult Color Books: Rough Seas

Fine-point sharpies come in handy once again! This interpretation of this “rough seas” coloring page was a lot of fun to color, and was completed after two sittings. 16 more words


Insight on Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising has a huge impact in the industry and is what draws customers in for retailers. I love doing some window shopping because you can really get a sense of who the retailer is trying to reach and what the message is. 550 more words


October and Maggie

Yikes! Can you believe that it is October already?! September just flew by….whoosh…..before you know it 756 more words

Comm 404 Blog Post 2

With this color scheme I was trying to find a balance of simplicity and striking. Because the group we are coving is the SCSU Dance Team, many of the photos will have red, white, and black in them, and keeping that in mind I did not want the website colors to clash with photos. 174 more words


The Building Bench: Green Stuff Breasts for Infinity

So as I was asked on the international forums to show these, and as I can´t upload anything there, here are some pictures of self-done green Stuff workto turn more of my metal men into metal women. 28 more words


Infographic Theme

Infographics are everywhere, and why not? No matter how good your dataset or information is, if people don’t find it accessible, they won’t access it. Your audience wants, you have it, so give it to them in style: infotain them. 119 more words

Color Scheme

Complementing Colors




  1. the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light …

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