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Coney Island, Summer 2016: A Photo Essay

I am a native New Yorker and have lived through various post-war eras: the burnt-out, crime-ridden city of the 1970s; the thriving art scene of the 1980s; the Giuliani 1990s that essentially killed nightlife and, by proxy, the once thriving art scene of the 1980s; and the post 9-11 Bloomberg era that fostered the current state of crushing gentrification. 482 more words


Paper Mario: Color splash Play through part 1

Come join me as I play through the newest paper Mario entry for the wiiu. sorry about the commentary audio being a bit off, the next video will be up shortly.


Rainbows and Dark Clouds

From the moment of its announcement, it was pretty obvious Paper Mario: Color Splash walked on a tightrope between dark disastrous stormy clouds and bright rainbows of success, with high chances of being struck by lightning. 637 more words


Looks Good On Paper: Video Game Originals and Sequels

It’s often said that the sequel never holds up to the original. I tend to think that video games have a better track record than movies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some major let downs. 610 more words

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Game Review: "Paper Mario: Color Splash"

TheĀ Paper Mario series is a bit of a sore spot for gamers of a certain age. In the beginning, the game stayed close to its… 854 more words