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Window Treatment

Color splashing a beautiful window seen in Brooklyn Heights.


Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Color Splash shows Nintendo working at the peak of its creative powers, and at the lowest depths of its unshakable stubborn nature

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was, as far as all existing evidence suggests, a game made by people who were utterly oblivious to the components that were essential to the saga on which they were working. 1,874 more words


Paper Mario Color Splash Review

Paper Mario: Color Splash Review – Written by Jose Vega

Special thanks to Nintendo for providing me a copy of this game.

Paper Mario is a franchise that had some ups and downs. 1,427 more words


[ Review ] Paper Mario: Color Splash

The exact moment Paper Mario: Color Splash was revealed earlier this year during a Nintendo Direct, a ruckus arose from fans of the Paper Mario series. 1,305 more words


Where can Paper Mario go from here?

Reviewers are feeling a mite uncharitable about Paper Mario:Color Splash. The papercraft world is gorgeous, the dialogue is hilarious. But that combat system.

Helpless Mario can’t act on his own, instead playing cards for every action. 463 more words


A Vivid Character Driven World That's 'Paper Mario Color Splash'

Paper Mario Color Splash is a humorous game that for the most part knows exactly what it wants to be. It’s a beautiful adventure game with beloved characters and a unique style. 1,284 more words


Coney Island, Summer 2016: A Photo Essay

I am a native New Yorker and have lived through various post-war eras: the burnt-out, crime-ridden city of the 1970s; the thriving art scene of the 1980s; the Giuliani 1990s that essentially killed nightlife and, by proxy, the once thriving art scene of the 1980s; and the post 9-11 Bloomberg era that fostered the current state of crushing gentrification. 482 more words