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Azulejos / Blue-and-white murals

Azulejos are beautiful blue-and-white tiles adorning many a mural in Portugal. While traveling around Lisbon, Porto and Faro, we’ve come across several churches, restaurants, train stations and such, covered with gorgeous scenes in blue and white tones, each telling a different story, each unique in its details. 42 more words

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Behind The Design: Tracks HD2 Color Story

Updating An Icon

The original Tracks was an icon for the brand, a beautiful and versatile headphone durable enough for the streets. So how do you update an icon? 884 more words

Sol Republic

Coming up with a Color Story

Weird as it may seem, the truth behind every single fashion collection is the color schemes used to represent it. No two runway show is alike because no two designers would ever use color the same way. 497 more words

Designer Confessions

Street art from Melbourne

One cannot talk enough about Melbourne’s street art culture. It is vibrant, it is energetic and it is everywhere! Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a gorgeous geisha staring you down, find a wall of multicolored squiggles when you turn the corner, walk alongside fantastical six-legged beasts or meet a monochrome gang of six-year-olds practicing graceful ballet moves. 139 more words

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Color Story 2: Let's Glow!

My mood today is “primary colors.” I used to be so resistant to using this color combination because it read as so, well… primary. But over the years after having seen so much art and experimented with various art materials and styles, this color grouping has become one of my favorite color combinations to use because it feels so bold to me.  133 more words

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Color Story 1: Create Your Own

It can be tough to pick a color… there are so many. But over the years I’ve learned a few things to help make this selection process easier. 348 more words

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