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Monday's Face..

…And this one brings me up to date. Monday morning, this morning,May 7th. I sat down and dug through my archives to find a nice reference and positively wallowed in this one for 75 minutes….until I realized that I had better stop and actually deal with the chaotic mess in my kitchen, that is!  101 more words

The "Other", DACA & Diversity Watercolor Studies

Thinking about the intense efforts (as, for instance, reported upon just yesterday on the Lawfare Blog, “Beware the Slippery Slope…) by some to paint (figuratively speaking) people as “other” and somehow lesser human beings just because of their birth circumstances and, in the case of DACA young people, because of the choices of their parents, I have forged ahead during some quiet spells recently with some illustrations related to the volume on ‘diversity’ I have in mind. 259 more words

Color Studies

In Basic 2-D Design we did a lot of color studies in order to improve the way we translate color two-dimensionally. Our first was a color wheel, where we had to mix, from primary colors, the secondary colors as well as corresponding light and dark tints and neutrals for all the colors. 161 more words

Kauai in black and white

I wasn’t really happy with the color sketches I was making: it’s always hard to wrap my head around a new place, new landscape and a new color palette all at once. 142 more words