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Analyzing an Ad

This is our first project in my visual media class. We’re analyzing a commercial design. The one I’ve chosen is a BMW ad. It’s sleek and it’s classy, just like BMW.    270 more words


Reverse Engineer Post

This photo is from canva.com. It is a template for a talent show flyer that you can edit. I chose this photo of a sample flyer because as you can see, there is good use of proximity, alignment, color, repetition, and contrast as described below in the draw over analysis photo. 105 more words



Cirq is a website that is simple to navigate, mostly easy to ready, uses good choice in color, and very consistent. The logo, while smaller than most of the text on the home page, is simple and placed at a very noticeable location on the page. 183 more words


Using Light Color and Contrast Effectively in UI Design

Some features that are often overlooked in web design are the layout styles, and the contrast used with color. Without proper knowledge of effectively using these, site visitors may become less likely to stay. 165 more words


Color Theory for Designers Part 1: The Meaning of Color

Color is a science and an art which can cause many different reactions in different people for multiple factors. Being knowledgeable on color helps web designers best appeal to its audience. 217 more words