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Depending on who you ask you’ll either be told black is or isn’t a color – I’m not much interested in such questions as to me it is a color. 124 more words

Lee's Artistic: Fantasy

I had another idea in mind, but our big tree in the driveway burst into flower (it is a Paulownia, Len refers to it as “ 61 more words


Soyka with his band

Stanisław Sojka – the legend of Polish music. I have one of his very first record – “Matko, która nas znasz” and many others. From that time I follow his music, his performances. 45 more words



Benika is a Japanese female name meaning “crimson flower” (紅花) or “crimson fragrance” (紅香), though other possible meanings include “crimson + beautiful, good, excellent” ( 47 more words


Photo Profile: Online Store Update (Beaker is Back – Woodpecker)

Photo of the Woodpecker; The never ending story of the woodpecker. Here captured peeking from our fence…..again! Applied background texture/editing. Hope you enjoy!


Pickle Platter & Curry Ginger Scones

Sunday, another brunch day – today I’m enjoying an assortment of our homemade pickled veggies: okra, beets, garlic scapes, turnips, and jalapenos (which can be a bit of a Russian roulette). 177 more words