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New on 500px : 《太湖美》The Lake by kenwang15 by kenwang15

拍摄太湖,说走就走。天气预报还真准,多云转阴,落日晚霞没戏了。借着点点霞光,为了长曝,只能先对焦后手动锁定,小心翼翼拧上了ND1000,像个瞎子一样(对焦成了问题),趴在岸堤的碎石间勉强构图,一脚踩进了石缝泼了太湖水,都是满脚的绿藻,还好没有恶臭。电脑看大图不够完美,在Lightroom做了调整,裁剪16:9,发送Photoshop进一步调Lab、通道混合器、曲线、色彩平衡,修复了N个CCD坏点(这是每次长爆最恼火的),叠加暗角,就是想还原当时的色彩,其实黑白会比彩色更有冲击力。但我觉得还是要把绿藻拍出来,提醒大家太湖水依然需要治理。我得去洗我的鞋子了… via Tumblr http://ift.tt/1TeGsld


5 Winter Wedding Color Palettes

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Me Enjoying The Dunes

One of the coolest things about Death Valley was the sand dunes. It was very sunny and very hot. Being of delicate skin, I wore a white long sleeve shirt to reflect the sun and heat.


Minimal work done, today.

That is to say, I went to a gallery showing and an artist supply store.  The former was really nice; the latter…well, I found out that hardly anything would be opaque enough to use with the black paper I’ve done my underdrawing on, other than Neocolor crayons or my Drawing Pencils. 275 more words


Green Paint

I begin with the heavy grit, which takes long, deep scratches of paint with it, gouging down through the layers of paint. 337 more words