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The Primary System - A Drunken Train Wreck

The whole primary/caucus system is a mess.  A complete, total, unnecessarily complex, bloomin’ mess!  Every single state has different rules, and those can be overwritten and changed at the whim of party leaders at any time, so it would seem.  987 more words

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Was Colorado rigged?

In an opinion editorial published in this morning’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump unleashes a blistering critique of the presidential nomination process, excoriating the party establishment for “defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people.” The editorial embodies the anti-establishment flavor of Mr. 1,576 more words


"Elections Are Games With Complicated Rules": How Donald Trump Got The Republican Primary Rules So Very Wrong

Donald Trump is a man obsessed with fairness. Not so much as an abstract principle, but whether he is being “treated fairly,” which essentially comes down to everyone giving him whatever he wants. 760 more words

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Your Logic is Flawed

All I see on Facebook lately is “Colorado was STOLEN!” “Cruz is an establishment sellout!” and the further I investigate these claims, the more I facepalm. 1,124 more words