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Putting the Miles In...

In just a little over a month I’ll be running up some mountains for a trail marathon. I haven’t run a marathon since 2007 and the running part of that was questionable at best as I struggled from mile 13 on and walked a good portion of that race. 300 more words


Running Doubts...

I am two weeks into my trail marathon (or 25.4 mile race which is close enough to a marathon I just call it that) training. It has been a long time since I trained for a distance that long, and when I did last train for a marathon I can’t really say I trained that hard…hence the walking from mile 15-22…but that was 10+ years ago. 443 more words


Running Mountains Again....

Well I’ve done it again….registered for a long trail race/run. I’ve really enjoyed running Imogene Pass the past couple of years, but I wanted/needed something to run in the spring. 276 more words


Trail Running Tuesday's: Off Trail

Trail running Tuesday’s.  I’ve decided it’s a thing now.  I ran this morning after working with clients at the gym.  It felt wonderful!  I ended with a little knee pain but I am still working on that and am confident it will get better.  437 more words


Making Plans and Going Running

I took today off.  I had two AWESOME days of running on Wednesday and Thursday and I had planned to run today but, considering that I still am working out the IT Band thing, I thought being safe was a good idea.  468 more words


Yesterday, I became a runner.

Yesterday, I became a runner.  It may sound ridiculous to say I became a runner on a particular day but it’s true.  Yesterday it was foggy, rainy, and cold.  332 more words


Running Easy Is Hard

Well, taking yesterday off was a great idea!  Today I ran 3 miles with NO PAIN, fresh legs, and a bit of a respiratory issue.  3 miles was the mark of doom last Friday when the IT band pain set in but I was pain free though all 3 miles today.  655 more words