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OK guys. Before we get into this one, I feel that I should warn you that this gets pretty heavy. Those of you that actually follow my online presence (All one of you!) have probably noticed a distinct lack of knee – jerk reactions to this year’s tragedies of gun violence, even as I’ve stepped up my posting frequency in other areas. 1,067 more words

Random Thoughts

Not Christian, Not Muslim

The shooting in San Bernadino was not about Islam, any more than the shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado was about pro-lifers.

We must recognize that evil exists, it is attractive, and we must resist it as individuals and communities. 33 more words

Republican Talking Heads Claim Talk has no Power to Influence Beliefs and Behavior

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Author: Valerie Tarico

Emphasis Mine

Who incited Christian terrorism?  Not me.  Couldn’t be.

In what could be the greatest hypocrisy in a season of head-spinners, 523 more words

Aurora, Colorado shooting ruling.

It looks like James Holmes is getting a life sentence for each victim of the Aurora, Co shooting. He also gets additional time as well. It’s always surprised me when people get multiple life sentences for crimes. 83 more words

Social Issues

"Elected Officials Have Failed To Lead On Gun Regulation": How Many Must Die In Mass Shootings For Lawmakers To Act?

The alleged perpetrator of yet another mass shooting — this one in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater — had been “involuntarily committed” by his family, and reportedly had a history of domestic violence and mental illness. 922 more words


Colorado Sniper and Crazy Weather... Stay Safe!

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Today’s Challenge: Stay safe, but don’t let scary things keep you from living your life.

Yesterday, I learned of another random shooting in my area. 172 more words