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I don’t know which of the houses in town was the one my dad grew up in. It might have been this one, with the arched arcade of a porch.

Branson, Colorado
photographed 9.5.2016


Dried Fruit

When the fresh fruit runs out it’s a good thing the pantry is stocked with dried.

An American Robin picking over a patch of dried berries on a December afternoon. Denver, CO.

Meet Meet Racine Weston from No Luck At All by Julie Lence

Please help me welcome today’s guest, Julie Lence…

Hello Alicia. Thank You for having me as your guest today. It’s a pleasure connecting with you and your readers. 1,203 more words

Zeb Goes to Women's Bean Project Open House in Denver

I, Zeb the Duck, love to visit during an Open House.   Saturday we went to Women’s Bean Project in Denver.

I like this already.   Humans, let’s go! 489 more words

Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (Part II)

It looked like the Half-Dome of Colorado. In the quarry of Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs. When I first saw it, I didn’t know there was a quarry there, but it was a cool place to hike. 41 more words


Flat Irons

Sweeping verdant aspens
Verdurous Greenness
Giving way to lower plains surrounding
Connecticut shade wrapper yellow
Footprints of wandering souls
Flat irons carved by the gods… 93 more words


2016 Valero Alamo Bowl Prediction, Colorado vs. Oklahoma St, Game Preview, History, Scores

Who’s going to win the 2016 Valero Alamo Bowl? Check out the Colorado vs. Oklahoma State prediction, game preview, history and scores.

Valero Alamo Bowl, Colorado vs. 333 more words