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Guess Who's Coming To Picnic

While driving on a road outside of Estes Park, we noticed people standing by the creek. Off the car, we saw an Elk wandering in the woods and making marks for his territory. 141 more words


On the Mullen

A female Downey Head Woodpecker found the Mullen plant to her liking this morning as she spent quite a bit of time hunting and then pecking away for a meal. 33 more words

Wild West Ghost Towns

At the end of the Old West era many boom towns were abandoned. Citizens packed their bags and left without looking back. Many of these are now referred to as ghost towns, because of their empty, haunting vibe. 445 more words

The Fine Line

Alcohol and The Effects of Driving

Alcohol is a depressant because it slows down the functions of the central nervous system. This means that normal brain function is delayed, and a person is unable to perform normally. 95 more words

Leaves Grow Old

How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days. -John Burroughs

Echo Lake by Mount Evans on my birthday weekend.

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Snippets From Life


Hello! Just a quick post for today! We haven't gone on too many adventures as of late due to me starting up work again; however, I'm sure we will start to pick up again once it starts getting colder and more events pop up. 109 more words


Well it’s been a month and I’ve posted every day. Let’s see how long I can keep the streak going. 😀

I took this picture at twilight the other day. 14 more words