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Awning: (n) material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway, or deck.

Years ago I bought a very large house. 435 more words

A Words

Color theory: Is there more to it than meets the eye?

Jumpers, I mentioned awhile back that I got into color theory (specifically seasonal color analysis) recently. I’m still obsessing because it’s my nature to figure something out really well before moving onto the next thing and it turns out–unsurprisingly–that categorizing human coloration is hard. 797 more words

Seasonal Color Analysis

Siamese Cats: Feline Mood Rings

I’ve been thinking about how cats get their markings. My brother once told me someone told him it has something to do with temperature. That always stuck with me, but…the temperature of what, exactly? 417 more words


Protective Coloration

by Dave Hanks

Animals have ways to protect themselves from potential danger. Their color is one very important way. Some colors hide, but other colors advertise. 196 more words


G is for Glue

The issue of how to join, bond, or connect wood pieces, by necessity comes up quite a bit in making a laminated wood paddle. Laminating means using something to attach multiple pieces to each other. 182 more words

Hidden Colors: You can't see them, but lizards can!

Unlike humans, many animals have (UV) vision, but what exactly does that mean? You can think of UV vision as the “opposite” of color blindness.  For example, people suffering from red-green color blindness cannot distinguish red and green colors. 706 more words

Basic Enumeration once again

Prove the following identity (a):

Prove the following identity (b):

Prove the following identity (c);

, if and is 0, otherwise.

General Hint for all three problems:  309 more words

Chennai Mathematical Institute Entrance