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Cake: (n) an item of soft, sweet food, baked and often decorated.

I don’t like cake, I like frosting.

There are times I was willing to eat a little cake to get the last portion of frosting. 216 more words

B Words

Heterochromia iridium

Probably one of my biggest questions I get asked is “Why is your left eye a quarter green?”And my answer: I have no clue, well sorta I guess. 532 more words

Project Log: Demore's Genes

Demore is my custom Acotle. She has dye/ paint on her face; this is just an aesthetic and not an actual gene. This is a sketch reference sheet and I will make an official import sheet once I make them. 25 more words


Coloration and Behavior- Stripes for Different Purposes

The diversity of coloration in the animal world is vast, though there are some common patterns that arise throughout the taxa (for example, darker on the dorsal side and lighter on the ventral side, spots/mottling, vivid coloration, etc.). 499 more words