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7 Cool Ways to Use Colored Jeans

The large vibrancy of colored jeans can totally transform you from a drab everyday girl to a great oh-my-gosh-she-looks-gorgeous queen! That’s the power of color! Invite the rainbow into your closet, also, have a look at some dazzling ways to use remarkably… 681 more words

7 Cool Ways to Wear Colored Jeans

The sheer vibrancy of colored jeans can completely change you from a boring daily woman to a superb oh-my-gosh-she-looks-gorgeous diva! That’s the power of color! Welcome the rainbow into your closet, also, take a look at some great methods to wear remarkably… 671 more words

OOTD: Burning it in Burgundy

(Jeans: Express // Ballet Flats: Banana Republic // Top: Forever 21)

This was my winter concert wear this past weekend. I haven’t put on these jeans in a while because they say they’re a size two- which I’m not. 120 more words


Gold jeans | 3 ways for fall

If any piece in your closet is the epitome of the “art of dressing up,” it’s the colored jean.

It’s a warm color on an artist’s palette that is just waiting to be paired with other eye-catching hues. 398 more words


Colored Jeans as a Major Fashion Trend

For decades, denim jeans have been a staple in the wardrobe of millions of men and women across the world. While classically the color blue has always been associated with them, over the years changes in the trends of fashion has also made colored jeans massively popular. 254 more words